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  • 00:06: instead of throw away the old leather bag best and roast my claims Olya vocals friend this way She believes we make a new stylish decoration and save the whole ukolchiki state hello it transp really loves and it's possible I I understand that if there leather all such throw bag sorry but to toast see you as a horror
  • 00:30: Nadya and I will fry Kyrenia and embellishment fashion trend of 2013 roku they can have on bachata navi shows little houses Design Suite dwelt Miuccia prada Oscar de la Renta is given Koran he carried on How many florists that dota theme is popular staple unvarnished not pin quits by RICH trema not hoops and hair clips and Now in place bracelets and brooches have to blow on originality because the simple and opera a new way of cleans
  • 01:01: Second garden figures beauty will go trendy the Bulgakov vetch dirty in such style indeed it one of acceptances It can be made from the skin interesting unusual things I understand that today you are ornaments brought one of them on you and can not you beautiful stylish color you I picked up as usual Ideally this skin skin may be different colors in different thickness and can be obtained completely amazing things we except that the hoop too can turn
  • 01:30: completely wonder of my wizened such flowers with adding different beads do you know me it seems like decoration met in a store in downtown wanted but when to buy I see price decided that it It is too expensive I do sometimes frightens us because similar flowers brooch can cost from 200 hryvnia and above Depending on some difficulty work on behalf of tasty master we know such that very many masters exhibited at our crash in downhill Kiev and even there really work there are stunning
  • 02:00: very nice well such pricey but brand Olga Volkova the same price all the thousands My girlfriend did not wait wait for when you and tell some new ideas of how to apply old things and this get something pretty well, but in this it's just a case of a masterpiece and very handsome decoration is unmatched necklace Which can turn into a brooch that is, these two flower we have to bulavochka If we take off then the ribbon will simply double this
  • 02:30: gorgeous brooch Here we have used and flowers we can pay note that it is possible makes perfect variety krasivennye middle, you can even with some holographic such effects it looks easy amazing and even that interesting unrepeatable quite the model there if you do for themselves in their fantasy, and from the material that there is you get none more of this decorations and boast to girlfriends and deserve the title district masters gave way to save
  • 03:00: money that It is also important to be beauty but it's enchantingly bracelet you most little in each time I come with bracelets I wristbands straight Th do love you implying that I thick hands in my very nice to you Artist See all thrilled You know it seems to me
  • 03:30: it is just like that that's what grows It means products skin expensive jewelry on Dear women, I would so this room though so felt that you Duchamp to say yes it is It costs 20 hryvnia and reliably course I I can not imagine allow to remove now this consequences of his hand course will and you are going to hit you, he totally not worth 2 penny because Gleb my work but also inspiration and we ready to put your work and its only inspiration here I do not know how it do what the secret such magic jewelry made of leather
  • 04:01: foundation course the skin where we can take the skin it indeed it rather expensive you can take the leather things that have worn out already little old you You want to wear them as a an example of this here gloves You can also take e.g. boots Test it part Shaft is not working Shoes can be any Bag Bag Skirt hats jacket jackets ie fall thin and thick skin natural or it is natural It does not matter the skin should be necessarily natural but happy
  • 04:31: something that is not necessarily go out and buy skin to such We produce beauty can use the that in our house is without cause and therefore we This number is very actually nice to we are not material but we spend there are bad skin which is cracked any contamination how to restore the skin interestingly, we take Ginger's glove capacity we have so and that we need to well clean our glove it You need to mix which will be consist of equal
  • 05:00: water proportions or liquid soap shampoo and liquid ammonia alcohol all in Equal proportions of 2 spoon crazy with us head and enough here ammonia alcohol as much dent and then we can use conventional cotton sponzhik or some sponge We must be careful This shampoo soap liquid hand but can be used also shampoo sponzhik cotton tamponchik and wipe can be seen that the disc It is immediately dirty foam some light is formed
  • 05:30: no traces remain by this means no and here and so on everywhere and the seams on in case we use of color usually the most here such a big hand now it is precisely It became a little wet dry and we need that it was dry. a on the second and just show as much as possible and and moisten the skin if formed some Now crack it already it lay parched we near the battery for example, and that we for this need need castor oil, and again a cotton pad and you some castor oil note to another gloves because
  • 06:00: Crude is impossible use It is desirable to dry out first completing one stage then start another you know then can so will what good perchatochki steel perhaps I will even wear here with color using castor Molotov oil that It looks very nice starting to look skin given such it is brilliant and it becomes becomes more there will be soft and cut and comfortable ball and fry accurate live or fry some decorations the amount of skin here we need estimated here
  • 06:31: such a piece for is that we shows our brooches we will have Make 6 rows petals so we We see six steps It is our bud it will be different the diameter of our flowers longer less less we take into account the fact that the skin frying it will little decrease in the amount respectively Flower us will eventually a little less because we teach and thoughts we are very critical some important here Flower feat size each we cut . how you define
  • 07:00: how much less the next layer must I think to be harmoniously looked so the difference between here these levels like us on paper exactly it is the same continue in the skin we cut its discretion can be make one flower the main large others less less less completely on tiny ie not repeat at 2-a to make all the different how-to and pyramid here you have some the hole is still there. is why they punched with an awl to to First together can be It was to seal all here
  • 07:30: our numbers of petals and To be able to shape Dink that is us need also I sew what's next leather pieces we Now cut here such here petals 2 each size just circled this The image turned out they anoint here Only stripes and here we cut into the skin has to date here the places that appearance of contact it does not lapse between leaves slots using which then we zavernet lepestochek and yet not fully
  • 08:00: until the end of you make up the middle of a everything has to be very clear remember because in principle, leather patterns spoil me personally I would not want to Of course aha ready hoity-toity a frying pan and what kind of oil can use for skin frying oil, we do not We use any at all it is good useful Teflon coating the fact that we skin our not stuck to our wherein the pan with pan nothing What will happen temperature should be it pan should be with a hot and we
  • 08:30: still need Now besides these here patterns to we do seredinku we will use beads beads in similar shades raspberry pink purple color we really need to barely there order 15 large beads and 15 beads and that this is Now it turns so that you can still use for such ornaments stones beads buttons of all that You can think of himself You can use the I I look at you and this brooch and I think that's certainly when your you husband met future husband
  • 09:00: he was delighted the fact that his girlfriend can such beauty do let's check whether already in fry You have one and I we take one more blades when leaf begin we must bend time to clean our with petals put pans with suede side on pan facial top side somehow I it seemed that she should start shkvorchat and bounce is there acted immediately went to the child settings probably already and I like you have identified that then it's time to Olechka
  • 09:31: begins to curve Now the corner of his col. we begin to clean up to what extent they can we huddle control independently they can huddle very much It becomes general in Suit ear some such flowers here are the same just be very convex lobes We have less less less straight curl up peas can to come back and help leave a little bit fried out of the corner so maybe see what's next will be so you just want constantly monitor for what the there is something that
  • 10:00: it is necessary to depart to heat or fry all layers irrigation we have them all fry with investing detachments at each other in a pyramid just fasten all Well, here's you We get these down directed and these I sent up the la that is, if realized I want you to have the other side was Do you just howl for flip and fry with decorations two sides to education golden brown paper gold crust whether
  • 10:30: such temperature darker skin itself these or deteriorate This can occur if we overcook as the and in the dream that burns in We then gets brown or Black ice on already can also skin roasts unevenly especially if you gas stove is better dozharit than not and were all cools down it is almost immediately follow safety regulations when working with hot pan children certainly not close We should walk and take our leather petals, and that's straight add up to one
  • 11:01: another beautiful hold it all in the glue gun We obtain, and here such Here we see a flower we have a lot of many holes we too can do awl immediately to We were comfortable to permeate Well, that's a needle in Basically then when we cut, we can and immediately opening to do so, we take needle and thread, and pierces our layers inherently better do it with an awl because the needle certainly pierce all + layers of the skin if there we have come across
  • 11:30: hot glue it It is not difficult permeating my wheelbarrow And now big beads strange that you decided not to plant beads also on the glue gun better to flash glue gun he multifunctional and a very good but sometimes to already a sure thing better Still stitched thread and here return back in most bead on Nizam large and back to a small big return so we do midway them we can make about 13-15
  • 12:01: although in principle it is possible and this one leave It is clearly seen the more fry especially rounded and become convex petals at us so light Rare brooch that's that As for the rear part from the inside it It looks to remain some strings knots but it does not matter to all this closed and decorate it to be we functionally would hang we take Leather shnurochek buy we can buy and associate themselves from residues stand already
  • 12:30: that we have can cut 3 thin strips and tie them in a pigtail and we take and add up Here is such a bow We put one bow of the leather and add another bow of satin ribbons, too, all here as the place is where we can already use glue gun and finally how other adhesive can be do Ulichka it's desirable use any quick-drying glue adhesive on the skin naturally too perfect option although he It requires a little
  • 13:01: wait time until dry, and that's the second time, too, Apply glue gun and already fastened our satin ribbon although in principle it is possible do without gun can be all sew this thing well, neater and prettier will certainly look and glue our last stage final bulavochka which will keep our we put in a brooch Now the skin on the circle bun some too special unusual we to use here bulavochka that It has a rear portion
  • 13:30: vodka that is flat it will not give her constantly's ride back and forth in the length principle can be use a conventional chapters and such mount as worth two Krivine but given the fact how much money we saved on the leather decoration two hryvnia for this bulavochku Of course mere pennies a piece of it for later Now our reverse attach our part shop here we just pierced in bulavochku the skin is also smeared glue and glued and now we will seen only the buckle before
  • 14:01: we like to glue look as it should have We placed our flower in order not to you will receive a flower from us on one side and a bow askew here well just now finger presses adhesive to make make fast our ready brooch how impressive quickly it was all I have done here these here flowers on the same System yes exactly and oh well, you see how bracelet is a method generally what such jewelry better wearing that
  • 14:30: can advise wear everywhere and on everything it adds in a very vintage style and also beautiful and fashionable it looks possible attach and on the bag and on the belt and decorate some all hair possible options I'm grateful to It has made me happy I'm happy