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  • 00:01: Hello dear skilled workers with you Olga Ivanova today you kill a very simple way creating branches out of 5 leaves So get down to customer cut into 2 3 parts and swing the for Europe diameter 3 millimeter
  • 00:32: square satin Tape 5 5 centimeters fold down diagonal and melted Lighter to get the central streak know add up half billet is not cut away the right to continue just cut corners triangle and now we can forming sheets of our desire
  • 01:05: This is a clip table almost ready Now to melt and buckle fox edge. try on a stalk leaflets and promazyvayut the desired portion of adhesive point crystal or glue titan wild
  • 01:31: We give leaflets in bonds at within half an hour butterknife Warms unbend be sure to wipe hoard cloth and more just hold on smear clean cloth or again and wipes Only then can take Lenin petal bishop turn over and Draw a line between theft to the front for sides leaves can be ready shape our
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