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  • 00:02: Hello this year I built here such companies and me to this very Kostik reason We began to crawl moles Here you can see how here here he's hit the mole dug and today I hunting for moles using agile carat that is, it is a trap
  • 00:31: cheeks to them moles sold all business stores have here a very simple view I will tell you how put these traps the mole as the to get rid of moles by using such elementary trapper start with that if you purchased trap in the store and Nothing is brand new better to put them on a little water and then
  • 01:00: Bury literally earth day that they You have rusted and soaked ground This time, in the second all work lead gloves and preferably in the you dig into vegetable garden gloves were not too stale the smell of fresh paint they already larva erases can not once were dirty earth that is that the blood is not very good accordion he to why
  • 01:30: felt that we we still need need two branches here such here any small possible break away important that this branch held here Now here in the hole Then you will know reason why this we need and feet we we will tear Now this hole from the search for passages where
  • 02:01: Mole have led them as you need piece of turf which I pre-cut that then cover our as it traps east from them we Set all we knife here and so cut out where blood and holes hands of the Russian Land
  • 02:40: once there it's it Input here in the one we There is no place here to us We need to find where he is the question we have to deal is that what happens the ship enters the surface and then
  • 03:01: light from this place make three branching we that's now 2 ie Mole was like this Now we move here I went somewhere here in us mouth and here is the fate of of course but I crawled under my computer you No one probably already he noticed Points there than there here we profit
  • 03:32: unearthed and now and try on our I trapper their as a pre-loaded defuse this very you just explain in any store here you just like Now weigh the chickens everything is done very a trap and capital here so here here's our narrator kortan Here's where so comes to that It is going to the grotto crawling rests here
  • 04:00: this here so to speak ledge and erects and we trap works his simply presses here to this place so we try on the fact that this is a trap too big and we I have a little bit like to expand the hole to put it But for this he had already old knife to this thing is not all leather hands
  • 04:32: so we expanded photo on she is I call hours you
  • 05:05: but we borage insert our trapper business that he should be just diameter than extended to here This round was how She was placement It puts not just here Now here's this sprig we threaded ring and this land like this 1 otvetochka will stick and will had we have known where
  • 05:30: we are made to for the is our trapper and the 2 what function it It serves as a mole will slide he will be like to trap and move Now this branch will not give ie move it he's a recorded some type it anywhere we Now will not move Now all we have now put another trapper already here
  • 06:16: Picture the same sprig so all and the second move in
  • 06:30: We also closed that we must now do to us now which can be we advance cook camouflage our Caucasus an overview of all possible here This zemelku more the top like so sprinkle to do It was not clear no then some
  • 07:04: I still wind here a little more and that it It left like here refer to lay down so but that's delivered the mole trapper to Then I delivered another Couple trapper me here before so say or compost
  • 07:30: nickname, too, was from I, too, sink a couple literally you now I made just now you showed how get light here Literature is not a Tomorrow we will check and have look caught there somewhere some traps Our moles are usually should fall there is not even to go fly and we must take to life and dig it decor and then we We survey the subject worms at night they
  • 08:00: will do it and to move our traps to let until tomorrow, and so yesterday with you, we We set a trap and mole which I have chosen campus nick and will eat my worm there of course not should be given today check it I I set traps
  • 08:31: I got what or there is certainly a wave stir up such a moment always happens as moles usually I have here actually happen this effect 1 year so I then I set the compost nick something not to him crawled seen smell is since become
  • 09:00: trap I have already I spoke like this 1 sprig, we take out the which hindered its mole when he resisted all it's not seen It seems probably chela I have not got give it a soldering here it is here it is some pests then look to the big
  • 09:31: black cloth so he a pest that I everything can and bury but the fact that he may be there if not one who can himself be a whole family and I also a trap here I will leave and I continue to catch them then I have to catch moles I think traps maybe not so much efficiently but the thing is that effective
  • 10:00: it may be naturally environmentally friendly does she no chemicals in the ground way of poison because that herbs can poison me cat or even anyone other animals which undesirable troit Now that we have a mole discard so we are now check for other which was in the other side of oil really how's the other
  • 10:34: hand we have nothing not crawled it even You do not see the work out It means the mole was out at night or eat throw it day that if I go and I do not know what it was at the me in the direction we collective farmer here I Now back again ie put our
  • 11:01: hunting for croton who caught but managed to hunt will last course not again made their trap because that old moves come new moles usually here but if you have no presence such just such traps though they can be sold everywhere
  • 11:30: make homemade trap is done simple as Where move in a mole digging lamp or a bucket on level where the mole crawling ie top bank or buckets should be for dinner very simple principle mole should crawl easy to fall off in a jar or bucket there can be poured a little water he from there capabilities Now get out there
  • 12:01: It is also quite simple but simply a way to We have to dig rather I because banknotes collection droid more pit so you need eggs descent but do not use In principle it enough effective natural banks and bucket, too, should not be not how to smell and must be some old's use also in the ground soiled etc.
  • 12:30: that is, they are not out of something smell any should be all kinds other turntables Noise Maker are here ways to scare away moles They may be effective as but if prevention Mole launch you already all this land a stray who will rattle on your site It has no effect It does not give the same It applies to electronically repeller
  • 13:01: electronic repellents very effective When the chakra goes out to your site that is they certainly scare on their only they have to be a lack of round use Year because of karate do not sleep in winter and use quite a large number of there will be from January 1 to lot nothing will have to at least there for corners and years worth of March 4 repellents Here it is natural costs and of the most
  • 13:30: the latter method fight against moles that's when you invasion of course ready it happens shops are often not my and in some here it is literally invasion moles of you do not know how difficult it already cope naturally already then applied poisons there's also a mink photo looks stroke breaks login hole Here, for example hole breaks and knife there poured a small amount of
  • 14:00: poison top concealed on this piece of dior hole and all of a mole must naturally eat the bait poisoned and therefore it is effective when you put it in those stroke where old- moles but the best it is always warn here is Moles do not have to never allow that they become master your section that is, God forbid, unless you have something already miss the bus and you have it on the snout
  • 14:30: many moves you You will begin to play the game where he is because he is a bunch of false passages in which he almost never creeps and will direct the moves who also have yet to be able to determine where you need to make and traps and where to ekiyat pour if You already start it therefore use as soon as the first We noted the progress sense mole crawls your site better on approaches portion naturally do like now I have this cup teach
  • 15:00: natural to crawling is crawled Only that for off-site costs Here compost nickname I all laid out here and while a couple of moles I have peace and I hope that now the light it is this move Now forced by Here is the trap ie if fresh new moles usually they go on old they strokes caught me Again this is a trap I have not made some development
  • 15:30: further events the more that they have I have spread my favorite beds Now this is all about moles and fight necessarily Stay with great until the harvest