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How to put the password on the folder - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:04: Hello everyone today we'll talk about how put a password on folder without additional Programs for example, on the desktop create folder go to the folder and it create a new Text Document Further in the text document must be insert the following code code will
  • 00:31: available under Roller in description code necessary replace the following line your password and say 12345 maintain our Text Document then we need change our a text file on the bat under the name of the file locker and save the changes
  • 01:04: follows us step must run batch file by clicking twice with the left mouse button there is private folder in it we maintain our Documents and files that we you want to hide after all the necessary documents and files will be added in a private folder us
  • 01:31: We need to re locker bad run dialog a window in which we ask Do we really we want to block our folder affirmative answer y and then press enter As we can see, our priests disappeared to the folder but they appeared We need to re enable our batch file and enter the code
  • 02:02: us it was one of two three four five and press enter a folder our files returned only and significant negative here is that any advanced the user easily can find out the password hidden from your directory simply rename the bat-file in a text file
  • 02:33: but if anyone about this not to tell and keep the bat-file some other place this can be to avoid