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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends I have gardeners Again welcome to your kitchen and you Now surprised we have a conversation with you goes about recipes baking nya not CTP and ticks and their trust conventional walls that we put in shoes to we have been comfortable and warm leg you say well, very light massage to invent some insoles it Now will you but I tell you I want to say to
  • 00:31: himself made the discovery and I want it with you opening share look careful that his hand you say Well, perhaps we talk about repairs no repair it at we heater penofol one side you can see he's a Silver, on the other hand, it's a like buggy and I I thought, decided to Why not out of it make insoles and how I in general that
  • 01:01: this idea came to me I'll tell you-in-law Hunter he bought boots terribly dorogushchie 5000 it even as if he said cheap and when we do We began to look inward and appeared here such Related items here straight is very similar to This penofol and I wondered why his shoes are not make such insoles why do we We need to warm insoles even now in the street cold uncomfortable they are very warm
  • 01:32: rainproof and more and you want to say what they they are conveniently handy especially in the spring when we are tinkering with you on we are freezing an instrument I tried out a hundred feet percent as the legs baking here see what I do I take insole and they obvozhu washable marker take the size of any well those. the size of their legs like so looked around
  • 02:02: now we have it with you Kirishi I will say that you do not this we do next the arrow with you cut insoles obtained and unusually and they are very important cheap here this ward penofol it happens different thickness it and is thicker and thinner need have to buy
  • 02:32: foil why properties this penofol here this foil it reflects the cold is, we are here this insoles should put in shoes to foil us It was directed to land to reflect These cold wall We need to put Now this necessarily foil a party that is it would we like this sent to earth we with you foot will be here
  • 03:02: this spongiform surface you but say nothing we came up with ourselves not to buy a roll and this Mid foil raggedly this penofol but I You want to tell you you do not know upset he sold on the footage and you can buy Well, at least ten centimeters code you but at least twenty rather wide so you just we must take the stripes Here the width of the insoles but I want to tell you try not I want to regret I said to myself
  • 03:32: I made a full-shoes I feel comfortable and very my heat but it my such small Tricks and we this small advice try not Well Well sorry to This concludes until you were Julia me his