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Rafaello's cake - the Simple Recipe from the Grandmother Emma - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:00: hello today my granddaughter Daniela and I'm her grandmother, MA bake delicious gentle and refreshing coconut cake flour raffaello first prepare blank cream in bowl grind 500 grams white chocolate bring to a boil 750
  • 00:30: ml cream fat content of not less than 30 percent pour hot cream prepared chocolate and mix up complete dissolution chocolate cover with a lid and ship in Refrigerate for 5-6 hours baking of 40
  • 01:02: 60 centimeters lined with paper baking and lubricates oil can be baked biscuit 2 trays of 30 40 centimeters set aside in the trays side prepare coconut cake in bowl break 6 eggs add a pinch salt 350 grams of sugar
  • 01:30: mix set egg-sugar mixture in a water bath and all while stirring bring to temperature of 60 degrees Celsius emptied egg-sugar mixture in mixer bowl and whisk until lush mass
  • 02:00: process beating mixture must cool to room temperature while egg sugar the mixture is whipped in bowl, mix 250 grams of coconut chips and 100 grams almond flour This recipe can be use only coconut flour then we need 350 grams of whipped
  • 02:30: egg-sugar mixture neatly in one direction interfere mixture and coconut almond flour with coconut flour can cook many varied baking on our Online You will find the recipe
  • 03:00: cake recipe from it macaroon cookies and other recipes spread coconut biscuit batter in prepared pan flatten bake coconut cake with
  • 03:30: at 180 10-15 degrees Celsius minutes ready biscuit We take out of the oven cool give minutes Ten erupt on the edge of the pan and spread on wooden board paper which
  • 04:07: from the refrigerator take out chilled mix with cream chocolate and whisk at high speed to produce a lush smooth and gentle cream be careful not to perebeyte cream usa those drinking beer
  • 04:44: ready to begin cream assembling the cake we collect the cake hemispherical shape with a diameter of 20 centimeters possible assemble cake deep bowl
  • 05:01: primarily cut dough circle equal diameter shape postpone side This will bottom of a cake in clean bowl appropriate size put towels on towel set form, and so to form strong we were kept convenient to wake up dough cut different pieces size and lining
  • 05:31: them form cut off excess dough scissors on the edge shape This dough is very soft and plastic to work with him one fun on the dough Put the cream layer approximately 2 centimeters
  • 06:07: from the reservoir cut a circle suitable diameter We laid it on top cream spread over cream layer approximately half centimeter again cut a circle
  • 06:30: suitable diameter put it on top put cream on the circle half centimeter cream cut out again dough circle suitable diameter it can be folded from two or three pieces at
  • 07:00: put a half circle centimeter bread cut out again dough circle suitable diameter put it on top cream and fill up top cream Cover with advance
  • 07:31: carved by diameter shape Korzh presses bedplate on the edge of inside the mold overturn the cake on a platter on which it will be submitted gently pressed and delete form
  • 08:02: We cover the entire cake the remaining cream and sprinkle with coconut shavings This can bake cake with coconut flour of six eggs the usual form diameter 26 cm herbs and collect it as regular round cake if you want you can cake decorate in
  • 08:30: according to your taste and imagination coconut major white chips chocolate or differently send cake as a refrigerator at least 10 hours This cake great combined tender biscuit coconut dough very tasty butter cream with white chocolate
  • 09:02: after 10 hours We take out the cake from raffaello We serve the refrigerator and for dessert with a cup coffee or tea recipes a variety of cakes and cakes you will find on our website section cakes and pastries inspiration luck
  • 09:32: good mood and pleasant and