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  • 00:00: hello today I want to tell you and show calculation of knitting raglan top and lapped control sample needles 2 ½ and I got 2 half loop one centimeter we will knit product size 48 36 corresponds to that
  • 00:32: centimeters circumference shi shi and since two and a half 2 a half loop multiply by neck circumference and 36 We get 90 loops further draw circle circumference divided by
  • 01:05: four parts mark line raglan which we select one loop 90 loops throughout we circle
  • 01:36: We subtract 4 loops obtained eighty-six loops eighty-six loops should we spread across circumference and wash eighty-six divide into three loops of of the one part back one part transferred and one of the two sleeves
  • 02:07: 86 divided by 3 28 turns and loops 2 at residue if we knit the product on the man the two loops we We should add on to back because
  • 02:38: men chain around his neck if a woman women knit and then drops add the means at we have 28, we will lease how to do calculations for women 28 loops we reserve for 28 back to the forehand and plus 2 loops that We were in balance 14 we give to the sleeve but due to the fact that 14
  • 03:14: loops the beginning of knitting Sleeve is a lot we 4 loops on the sleeves remove them and plyusuem before and obtained from we have three turns 8 plyusuem means 4 one arm 4 another
  • 03:44: and get 38 loops It means we must distribute so on one loop on Raglan 28 on the back 38 in advance and 10 loops 10 loops on sleeves if we knit product with strap
  • 04:14: we have to ninetieth to add loops 10 more ways and we must dial 100 loops for all circle Now schematically how it will look First we go
  • 04:53: loop strap is we plank on which we We identified 10 loops strap loops 10 loops Next comes the shelves to it we have identified 14
  • 05:26: hinges upon shelves we are the line raglan here it is, we it You have to draw him and we did not miss one loop further we go sleeve on our hands
  • 05:58: It left 10 stitches then go back on the back, we left 28 second loops here between the sleeve and crema should also be line of raglan one loop back raglan line
  • 06:29: He went further sleeve but we went on the sleeve hands, we left 10 loop then goes here this line of raglan one loop then goes shelf
  • 07:02: we have on the shelf 14 loops and strap 10 stitches and that we It obtained a total of 100 loops in connection with that we will be divided and
  • 07:35: the partial knitting so he is now show this scheme so Here we have such a scheme So we turned We do the calculation systems that we were binding partial knitting we hinges and shelves sleeves should
  • 08:06: divided into groups hands divide by 4 or 5 parts It means we get on your hands will go two times 2 loop and 2 times three so sleeve draw the same figures mirror displayed below
  • 08:36: shelves also knit partial knitting shelf divided by 5, or into 6 parts, and we it turns out twice three or four times 2 so shelf draw as well as this
  • 09:06: Part 4 times two and Two times three 6814 everything right so further partial knitting as is then recruit necessary the number of loops on additional thread Well for starters natural sample bound
  • 09:36: We had washed dried only this time on it make calculations we scored that de loops we provyazyvaem Strap loop straps then loop the shelves all provyazyvaem loop sleeves, we naturally raglan loop further provyazyvaem back and reach the next sleeves provyazyvaem only the first three loops
  • 10:06: knitting turn and knit in reverse direction knit again back raglan lines hand and income and came up sleeves and knit Only the first three loop knitting again turn and provyazyvaem back raglan line 3 loops and provyazyvaem that before
  • 10:36: knit and provyazyvaem three loop knitting again We turn to go reverse we reach another Sleeve provyazyvaem 3 loop knit already and the last time provyazyvayu three then loop back knitting turn knit in reverse direction provyazyvaem 2 times here these three loops and We grab two loops
  • 11:06: knitting again turn and knit until here These loops groups everyone will until we are all about knit if knit with bar the bar then knit expressly partial knitting and even then it will be not just pie raglan top if you do not bar run then knit all
  • 11:36: shelves loop we Knitting is locked in Well cube sort something like a continuation of the Here is a scheme we is calculated as initially here on this scheme calculation done so
  • 12:07: Rabbi level as well, Further knitting is It will be in the next lesson Thank you for attention all the best