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  • 00:00: Hello today, we will show you how we make tomatoes painted over for the winter we do it in the cellar right away I'll show you Special such below rack casserole and I will tell there for this we need the most Tomatoes we will make brine for brine, you need to take water or key good from the well or water as we have from the filter where there is bactericidal lamp and kills bacteria
  • 00:31: or if you have no means of such water you will need to boil water and and cool to room temperature we take here for 10 liters of water a little bit one bucket 10 liters I take 500 grams of salt can five hundred six hundred good rock salt coarse grained without non-iodized non- marine ordinary salt on we needed garlic
  • 01:01: leaves cherry leaves and horseradish leaves and himself the back of the horse-radish also leaves black currants I take the green parsley moreover, it will be necessary to tear along the way dill and pepper peppers plain Well as if there was such a pickle even more so taste I like the taste of pepper and bitter pepper and so we do what we do first
  • 01:32: of course cut the garlic a little bit cut the greens well and put it all in capacity that will be salted by these Tomatoes are somewhere in the process this salting will occupy about a half to even two months because she immediately put it the cold if left on the warmth then now a very high temperature they
  • 02:04: can quickly shudder suddenly such as would be tasty so pour out the salt and need mix well and leave somewhere on some time maybe even for an hour I I call to defend because it is so that below there can be some kind of connection docs ears somehow that is we are well all this
  • 02:35: stir and leave the water cold that is, it's such a cold way pickles tomatoes without vinegar without sugar but the spice tannins such as plants that will give it is this taste of tomato, of course preferably tomatoes so that they are all how would you in this tugenkie so soft all preferably the same size well you
  • 03:07: see that this is a tomato from our It is equipped with a glass of opportunities not that were not all the same even more so power is given not for two to two months, they seem to quarrel all To the taste you realized that we are in our because alive so pour out
  • 03:39: put tomatoes on top of the puddle the remaining greens icon chicken peppers I take off the leaflets as directly as
  • 04:11: would let all these flavors and pour out and length 1 he must cover the top
  • 04:43: You can see how much sediment can be in the this salt and dill so we have a pan stainless steel this is medical stainless steel Stainless steel made the circle you can make
  • 05:16: better of course if there is not such a wooden wooden coil wooden circle belly and should it be covered with brine if I still have to put some there is a jar of this is all we have left the house is one and a half about two months later, then we Tomatoes we lay out on banks on two liter one liter men
  • 05:46: It is therefore very convenient to take yourself in the winter in the refrigerator here and a pot completely free of course this time While they will play it will be necessary several times to wash this napkin wash can be a little bit there on to the sides of the pan to make tomatoes Here was not felt this smell and taste here is fermented unnecessary a so will a good pickle be good Good should be here and tomatoes
  • 06:18: They are convenient because they will are spread over banks, that is, here it is them temporary such place while they will be to roam it is possible for him to show it later but now if you want to use this method I put this video we put This video is for you to see that How they will be here we have this we wrote for do this year and a year we are so comfortable so do we when
  • 06:49: give you an appetite