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  • 00:00: whether you decorate one room or the whole house these festive ideas will make it merry and bright don't let a large space overwhelm you with some simple strategies you can add all kinds of Christmas sparkle start with scale these tall trees flanking the mantel have the proper proportion tinier trees would feel dinky and out of place same with the wreath a big wall needs a big statement and Lowe's has a great selection of both artificial and natural greens in all kinds of sizes every rooms
  • 00:30: got a natural focal point here it's the fireplace so make the most of it a mass of holiday candles like these pretty LEDs from Lowe's makes a dramatic and elegant statement on the mantel and multiples are always a good strategy for a big space the groupings help fill the room visually finally use color to connect your decoration even with all the different elements going on it feels unified because of the repeating red and gold what's the recipe for a kitchen full of Christmas cheer practical
  • 01:02: placement you don't want the decorating to be in your way so instead of cluttering the counters use unexpected spots like the tops of the cabinets to add some twinkle add a pop of color by popping a fabric covered insert behind some shelving fast easy and what an impact and embellish existing features like lighting this grouping of kissing balls turns an everyday chandelier into something special and you want your home to make a great first impression so don't forget your entryway a staircase
  • 01:32: is a natural spot to add greenery make it even more special by adding some lighting in ornaments use a series of LED candles to highlight the staircase to existing furniture like this bench is a great stage for some holiday Flair and pop up a few ornaments on the wall it gives the space a more festive feel you can even add a slim tree like this one from Lowe's a perfect fit for the space make your whole home merry and bright with a little help from Lowe's