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The Tunisian setochka - the Tunisian knitting - a pattern 13 - Tunisian crochet  See details »

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  • 00:03: Tunisian crochet pattern axis . from between the columns columns provyazyvaem chain an even number stitches then skip one loop and the next We take out the loop and so to act end of the series
  • 00:31: note that the number of loops on the hook odd etc. close as usual loop return series first one air loop and then two pairs loops together to the end series provyazyvaem I Knit up a number of end now Getting Started knit pattern making sc on the hook
  • 01:00: skip 2 Tunisian column and between the second and third Tunisian column vdevaem hook and pull out loop then again sc to do skip 1 hook Tunisian column and already between the fourth and fifth column vdevaem hook and loop and drags Then repeat the same
  • 01:30: most sc on the hook skip the gap between following columns and further dress between columns and hook We take out the loop and so knit to the end I knit a number of series until the end, and the most Tunisian last column vdevaem Hook the front
  • 02:00: Tunisian leg column and We take out the loop and Here are some knit now closed all the loops in pairs 1 we loop provyazyvaetsya one air loop and then all the loops 2 close together Now I knit up
  • 02:30: through and knit next row hook vdevaem between Turkish columns a pigtail consolidate and We take out the loop then again nakida between the posts we introduce the hook We take out the loop and so knit to the end Now a number of
  • 03:00: to stay on pattern at the end of the series does not provyazyvaem in last period of between the posts knit the simple low loop in the most and the last column Here are some ready we close it We are usually done first one loop air loop and further along the two loops together until the end of the series in
  • 03:31: further knitting second and third number of alternates Now we will do nakida between the second and third columns provyazyvaem the low loop again nakida loop between following columns, etc. Now this has turned sample
  • 04:00: it is very lush very nice and elastic That's how much he stretches, and in addition on the reverse side This pattern is also looks very interesting and beautiful I invite to visit catalog page where You will find all symbols and lessons of Tunisian crochet as well as if you had useful lesson put the huskies and I will
  • 04:30: glad your comments