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Three Predictions, Prophecies on Ukraine data in 1992, 2005 and 2008 which came true!!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: did you think about the fact that I have already died people in all in general sumac much more than the time of the Afghan war during the restructuring tens of thousands of people I died not these tell tauris after Stalinism if consider it crimes if to consider stagnation crime is reorganization is the same crime and what and what crime
  • 00:31: you give where the report is all will be tomorrow on ukraine for example now you can say relationship between Ukrainians and Russians more or less friendly this all changes daily now it was history of the Black Sea fleet tomorrow will be due to Crime every time it's me looking for a father and emotions well that nationalism is emotion continuous escalation of one emotion the party begins another and responds then no one remembers on I began here was in
  • 01:01: December last year in Yugoslavia was in graph in this very field of which protect the Serbs here there it started in the same way before this I was there eighty the ninth year there was absolutely quiet and decent normal people a now I have visited you center identification of a corpse there are children with cut throats with punctured eyes here too most will be on ukraine will I I say not who wants to nobody wants it was necessary to protect
  • 01:31: immediately right 12 millions of Russians in ukraine but to speak their rights by which mother to pursue right they declare their why should they belong to the Crimea why should she belong Kharkov region why should he belong to donbass you are sitting there in Kiev and make a mistake all Do not you do not have the right speak for the whole
  • 02:02: ukraine I do not have a right speak for the whole we express Russia each of us is personal I always think I have told the truth not insulted anyone and you have me already five times insulted me not is interested in nationality of your parents and you digging my coffins ancestors I tell you the truth of the Russian fleet never leave from
  • 02:33: Sevastopol Ukraine will never be nato and we will friends and never let's say that someone scoffed at Russians in Ukraine thanks and you will pay and buy goods according to of your money
  • 03:03: so here he leaves you buy Russian gas at world prices since global plans exist means now here this conflict, he will be moved to west west front that is, Ukraine in this meaning it is strong an independent Ukraine it is also not necessary forces of the west
  • 03:33: say to the world government therefore its future also within the framework of this global sawing she is sad it's that now warehouse you know 100,000 what does he mean exploded there burn at the station this is all and the consequence is there is an eastern eastern ukraine and deprive stocks ammunition of course there is no fire there randomly so on then there is a steal split krym means too
  • 04:03: means Crimean Tatars there influence have this means there will be all these processes are manageable then here is Ukraine splits perhaps for some then there the regions but so far on this stage because these processes are long and this is a global the mafia she had her plan for there annual two or three years old they are 50 that summer plans then is this so called managed catastrophe and
  • 04:33: little by little slowly as they speak in ukraine this is the thing and goes therefore now Ukraine is drawn in Ukraine as I said strongly do not need it west is needed for what here arises question means we are already they said that there is plans to sound them liquidation of barracks obamy and when the process dismemberment of the united states independent the Republic of Texas is there eastern black staff
  • 05:04: america and so on Troubles it will go means who will world gendarme therefore from the world gendarme in europe events occur here a united Europe against the dollar note hence, taking into account that that the global mafia neither side need a powerful Well, you can assume that there will be a certain virtual such screw virtual gendarme means a shaping
  • 05:37: armed from different peoples there and so on which will solve problems bringing order to In this sense Ukrainians they are very good I'm approaching myself on as you can see from the army I admit that the Ukrainians they are very service well, good healthy guys in difference from us from villages there all about chicken dead on not hungry and so on that's why they are pleasure serve all and not without reason show a gift today firms movies
  • 06:07: means foreign legion that is a formation of which at the direction global mafia direct order in those or other regions of the planet because salaries then no, it means that armed forces which are now there is a payment there colossal means a lot is spent our guys will turn out to be for the same salary they ready for more
  • 06:38: for much less the amount of money Here this here rough work and so on is already you know including in the Middle East that's why what with ukraine if you remember it was meeting of officers is older people and when Soviet officers army in the collapse there was an officer's meeting one of the speakers
  • 07:08: said if we are now we do not solve here and now about how to us be in the near future future watch comrades officers against each other through the sight of his weapons that's too coming is coming like this neither sad