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  • 00:00: hello topic This video clip oven baby this stove can those interested in who urgently required furnace such as heating cottage if the material It will be interesting This project is for you the furnace can be downloaded at Online 3 mining AN Terekhov. ru as the author this design it
  • 00:33: it took all one day to build data miracle oven baby can replace the oven burzhujku on your cottage or serve kai time to time other buildings a more powerful oven despite its seemingly small dimensions she is pretty versatile and It is not only able heat the room Well, lets do cooking the furnace can be operated ie as the Fireplace
  • 01:03: hidden from public door well and we see that this food there is fly camera and and door fuel chamber and Verka a fuel chamber established so that will open here in this way there is a bottom-up odnokonforochnaya cooking hobs and smoke damper
  • 01:34: food still catch I want to draw your attention to the fact that oven built combined by portion of the series of ovens Brick's get flat but there are among them are set on edge where brick is installed edgewise the first row of the furnace
  • 02:04: no solid features He has no second a number of furnace formed fly camera and established door for cleaning ash chamber means as we see the width in this case the furnace reduced
  • 02:36: relative to the first a number of these sizes It is available on the project site except I spoke clothed in a video in the third row is part of a series made of refractory bricks and part of a series of ordinary ceramic here here here made cut-outs for to install grate and as we see it grate
  • 03:12: already installed should not forget the gaps between bars and bricks to give freely the thermal heating expands grate fourth row note the bricks are installed on edge here
  • 03:43: formed the fuel chamber and two rear channel that yet united among at an early construction of furnaces Now that's not a brick should put solution set without its solution so it lightly He performed and fight in later on we We have to get it to
  • 04:13: clean from construction waste Based on this here But our camera in the fifth row as we see bricks already again placed flat These forms two channels for which you said one high school graduation 2 lifting them they the bottom interconnected
  • 04:43: established door as a fuel chamber I said it would be open bottom up sixth row furnace wall implementation of bricks mounted on the brave Well, here's an hour we We need to give them here install two more brick to continue our
  • 05:14: Channels that's how we We see these bricks installed and channels there as previous row in the seventh row bricks again placed flat As we can see two of our channel well, and here that's behind the bricks installed on tc2 rib 8 series
  • 05:44: feature of this series is that here Now this brick produced inside fuel chamber and It trimmed reduced diagonally next the ninth row the whole series of shifts about previous row
  • 06:14: back about 60 millimeters is necessary in order that when the door in this way opens up here to this number and not interfere the discovery that it is not falling back down as we see in this made a number of cuts for installation hotplate on
  • 06:45: and these bricks this figure we We see that cooking Cooker we all Well established in the same should not forget about the ignition gaps between the plate bricklaying and as we have seen after As we cooker already proved set here we have only one
  • 07:16: uplink downlink which is connected to the cooking chamber closed top plate in the tenth row formed with these bricks such a Now the device and endure what here trimmed top
  • 07:46: Now obliquely the challenge is to expand here this distance to whole width of bricks 11 series as we see in We have the account of our chimney accepted the desired width cut here made the cut for
  • 08:18: installation, repair valves and this valve protection on flows into next 12 row chimney size decreases so that's it turns here the size of the chimney brick floor to floor brick that is enough
  • 08:48: for this furnace in the 13th but also a number of data chimney just rises up It means the oven is relatively light weight and and about 370 380 kilogram fully built and so it can
  • 09:18: set directly on floor without foundations but natural flooring It should be fairly strong in this regard, from this reason, provided that will continue continue Shaft pipe it add pretty a lot of weight on this oven the more we see that the pipe itself shifted back here side
  • 09:48: It can get the effect is that the furnace simply by this pipe is filled up ago so this pipe best this furnace the best thing connected to separate standing pipe some and connection is do with metal eg chimney which will connected here in this
  • 10:18: place will not somewhere else chimney on this scheme can be look like this oven works well here populated fly camera we see on the cut the fuel chamber where will burn our fuel and further It comes heats cooking hobs descends the channels rises up and goes into the pipe
  • 10:50: I mean you mentioned that to this one brick initially not it is necessary to close up tab it is put permanently without solution after matter what oven build certain at you here meet some remnants of garbage flag solution It appears some this brick gets
  • 11:20: out here all cleaned wiped after This brick is placed back in place since Well after solution it furnace must be dry for week and in the future can be use well, and that's on the last circuit I you will be shown how to look this furnace the door open wherein the furnace is arranged
  • 11:51: in such a way that it can open the door to work It has to work as the stone like fire Well, here's all thank you for attention and see you soon on my channel and website