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  • 00:04: Patterns dance squares but I named because the pattern In principle it is unseparated knitting very well just such interesting tune of Here is such a such that's why there's scheme it is here and so This scheme looks for a shawl knitted shawl From here to the top side and decreasing
  • 00:32: Now to the bottom edge the same but for circuit I direct knitting I put on your site but for now let analyze the scheme's for shawls also it will be me a video lie this scheme motives tally very unusual order here On January 2 3 4 5 6 i.e. they are here now so that's corners
  • 01:00: go here between the center first and second and turns on the edge shawls turns two motive the lower corner let's see how it is fit now, I make bigger here and so to profitable means knitting begins with Chains of air loops 5 is knitted air then loops made 4 loops and more forms a ring
  • 01:30: go further connection bars that we We go up here on three loops and chains then knit series like these and arochek columns with one sc doing here such a wheel and come back here to our top then do
  • 02:02: column, without sc and knit here such lepestochek one lepestochek 2 bit not dovyazyvaem and immediately go to your knitting the second is his mother It is on this circuit highlighted in red here a transition from one motif to another black shows Well, in general, the main knitting and blue yes
  • 02:31: knit that is here when already tied Now the second motif All four petals and We approached the line we go back to The first motive dovyazyvaem it here Now these petals and go to the third and We go to the third let's try this business tie means knit 5 air
  • 03:02: loops 4 5 5 Air loops notice here it's the fifth loop four air loop and closes them calcium connection column after we ascend our chains knit 3
  • 03:32: connection column 1 2 3, and we remains are the two loop turn so to knit against clockwise knit 5 stitches and column one nakida our ring 5 stitches column one
  • 04:01: sc ie columns in us with one sc 3 and 4 will column it's loop primary chain It means to Here we connect there are already 3 let the three sectors in
  • 04:36: fourth, we were binding 3 air hinges because we will But to join beginning of our air chain joined us here at It happened here is Here square or the wheel that we we do more here on these two
  • 05:00: aerial loops initial where we attached knit a column without sc and vyvyazyvayut here such here petals as a means we tally petals under air chain all knit knit 4 column one sc
  • 05:37: and column 3 with two sc to That would carry such extension we have turned out like this here both spiral lepestochek further at
  • 06:01: We are a chain of 5 stitches and column, without sc But under the same arches under which we have knitted tab bar without nakida here such here at We had a first lepestochek as we knit 2 but not down again to the initial chain knit 4
  • 06:33: column one sc and column 3 with two sc receive and 3
  • 07:05: let's see where we are now we are now Now at this point of the this point we go to your knitting a second tune 2 and tune we were binding Again all the petals We come to this point
  • 07:33: 2 for the motive transition, we were binding 5 stitches it we will shift 5 stitches and on how we We started the first motive 5 also air loops notice that this four loop air hinges that we close in
  • 08:00: ring here we are It turned out to be the middle, 2 his mother as 3 connection column of loops chain climb also provyazyvaem arochki of air 5 loop and a column with
  • 08:33: one sc in center Our motive for 2 that is, we do a live a wheel in the first motif last arches 3 knit of air
  • 09:00: loops and to join in Now the second loop and here the same for these two loop knit a column with one sc then knit petals exactly the same as the we did it in the first motif that is four column one sc on 3
  • 09:32: column two sc here we have the first lepestochek now we to link 5 stitches and down but there one small but we I need this is the place connected to the first
  • 10:01: explanation here first motive we We join here in first air coupling loop column and then already knit air Our bar loop without nakida here we already they begin tune connect a second Petal 2 reasons we knit the same way the there are four bars
  • 10:30: single sc and 3 column two sc, and, in general, 3 and 4 petal too It is also connected except here the last descent of the aircraft loops now I'll go up to this point and show we do more here I knitted motif 2 completely and went here to go site here we instead
  • 11:01: chain we already connected as if by which we must down so we united attachable connection column here in the first loop of the chain go further knit 5 also air loops and column without sc ie we dovyazali 2 and sand
  • 11:30: first motive as at the first motif knit two petals not dovyazyvaya this is now chain on which down down to our circle and pass the third, I'll make it up this place and show what will happen 2 tune and almost ready except here the last starting up camping chain
  • 12:00: but if we look the circuit then she highlighted at all purple purple color is the last stage which will be tied when now due All that is when we go here now quite end here it is, in general, not so much, and more one little nuance when I was knitting
  • 12:30: last lepestochek I'm the tail primary chain He tied with arches of now we all can calmly cut do to us it is not mingled so go knitting to motif 3 third motive we We go as well as
  • 13:00: crossed here from the first to second ie knit 5 stitches transition aircraft 5 loops beginning We notice this loop knit four aerial loops and their closable in a ring connection column
  • 13:33: how do we rise on our chains do 3 connection column that this is now recovery called less noticeable best to enter the hook like this to on top of which there were 2 then there will be more thin here Now I owned and special top
  • 14:00: loop to show the difference here lower knit all the same that is to say in general that simple motif very own tune simple here exactly I was attracted by this the scheme which is very
  • 14:31: drags custom transitions but shemku for direct web in general it also has to id for these motives I will publish on its site that is if You want this blouse there is a pattern or tenant Please do not associate tippet and it's just for the shawl have it like this Cyprus's tally also we find the second
  • 15:00: loop and do here connective column and knit 1 lepestochek 3 motif and so that we It was seen as It follows the scheme immediately We attach to the camping first motive
  • 15:34: Air loop knit connective bar and go to 4 knitting motif 4 motif in your scheme Bruce he's 4 and 5 motif 6 when knitting the following motives need not forget here
  • 16:00: attached to the little corner for connection let's move on that is, in the fourth 4 motive we will similar to the well, there is 1 fresh 2 petals and move on Now the fifth motive
  • 16:35: that is black in We have two petals moved to the fifth in a fifth tied 2 petals moved to sixth and 6 are already tied that is, he is completely will be here as a 2 and then we will go here on the blue symbol to 5 to knit knit to 4 knit 3 and proceed to seventh
  • 17:11: Now we turn to fourth again from I show as it All the same I I think that's more you'll have all three four or five loops go one two three four
  • 17:31: 5 initial loop 1 2 3 4 closable rise to here It was thinner here it is Now this place introduce hook lift this way to the top There were two strings when it's here place will be
  • 18:00: thinner knit and arches of 5 stitches and column one sc here in general that simply just want to show the place where
  • 18:30: which do not need overshoot in the last last three brown and in second loop here first loop 2 connective column and then everything it's twist and knit 1 lepestochek i.e
  • 19:00: petals very such unpretentious looks small from the very pattern pretty 4 one column sc and 3 column with two sc
  • 19:35: So Now look So this is the place we should be Lutfi is connected here this one lepestochek it should be attached that is, as you knit and petals that's better at the end each petals to stop and consult with the scheme and
  • 20:01: whether there need to somewhere join see join join us here in the same place with the already We have a connection same here and connect So
  • 20:33: disconnected more in general, that can be Now knit on that drag it turns until now, I'll bind several Yet tune of already I show how it will be to look like the goal is very cute is in Generally something unusual that's what I It was the result if I wanted
  • 21:00: continue knitting the We have to build these longlines this one last lepestochek which the purple, I would knit and did not become from this tab from this tab I began to gain new tune of here tier in this way and Here's the latest petals have already was imposed the end but that
  • 21:33: sense circuit and actually here model of this shawl ssylochki be under video