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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today We'll be with you cook chicken liver royally for this dish to us You need chicken liver 800 grams of onion 800 grams of carrots 800 grams and a little more half cup milk three-fourths cup semolina mayonnaise vegetable oil salt and pepper blend of taste chicken livers thoroughly washed remove and plyonochku now we need it
  • 00:31: will grind on grinder and I pre-prepared cleared and washed vegetables with onions carrots undertake the liver Now in the liver pour semolina and We pour a little milk
  • 01:01: little will mix well you need to add salt and pepper here I mixture if peppers no just add ground black pepper the whole mass thoroughly I stirred Now put our hepatic mass 1 hour in a refrigerator
  • 01:33: while our liver mass in the refrigerator We take up the vegetables three carrots onions cut into large semiring prepared vegetables and now we will saute carrots and onion vegetable oil until done solem
  • 02:03: and a little bit of a feast than say that we fry vegetables until tender it does not mean that they need to fry until golden brown enough to fry until tender that carrot and onion steel's soft onions I changed the color became orange carrots this principle soft enough Now Sui with pepper
  • 02:31: distributed dissolve and vegetables it will be possible to switch off It took our time mass thickens in refrigerator semolina swollen and weight It becomes thicker Now I have included oven heated to 200 degrees greased form vegetable oil in which we will bake our meal and We need a little powder with bread breadcrumbs
  • 03:00: will continue spread layers It comes first layer onions and carrots roasted do not know how I will layers because shape enough more opportunities only one who baking dish less can do multiple layers alternating with liver vegetables Now I have it all show distribute smooth top layer
  • 03:31: on vegetables layer spread layer liver half liver place half reserve for another layer too distribute evenly over the vegetables hepatic layer a little bit spread this here mesh mayonnaise
  • 04:03: Basically this mesh and can be leveled You can leave it as you like Further we are also vegetable layer but the fact is that Liver with mayonnaise enough liquid layer is therefore very very carefully spread next layer carrots and onions need do it in principle and hands Naturally pure and
  • 04:33: again goes layer liver Liver layer must be the final no matter how many layers you failed to top layer must hepatic rovnenko distributed throughout the surface decorate it all I am doing such a mayonnaise mesh
  • 05:00: We put our meal preheated oven and bake for about an hour at a temperature of 190 200 degrees per hour and held we pull out our Liver royally out of the oven is such a krasoten we Get it now, we it will give a little bit cool and then you can It is cut into portions and bring to the table but so are our
  • 05:32: dishes looked in section our liver by royally ready to enjoy all appetite cook with us if you like My recipe is not Remember to share them to all social networks yet until we meet again