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Pasynkovaniye's grapes in a zone of inflorescences - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: So the time came of the next green operation and it pasynkovaniya what stepson stepson of this escape which grew out of the kidney located in leaf axils here stepson's stepson from a pass that is it Escape second order and with each of these buds
  • 00:30: located in axil growing stepson stepsons growing thicken bush calling stepchildren bush more subject to illness since less ventilated air decreases
  • 01:00: opportunity quality pollination inflorescence so we remove stepsons on their I use two bushes the removal process stepchildren the first way is complete removal complete removal in location area inflorescences at this time escape even herbaceous and does not cause large wounds your bush completely removed
  • 01:32: stepchildren in the zone location inflorescence that's what further provides Chances are good pollination your inflorescence of the same I do the following shoots full break out stepson location area inflorescence inflorescence here stepsons break out
  • 02:03: fully next Escape Drop and in the zone Georgia location delete stepchildren fully one-two-three this operation you have You can spend on their vineyards because stepchildren location area grapes also grew how to break off and how remove stepsons located upstream I escape I will tell you
  • 02:34: next video when the stepchild grow up