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  • 00:00: Hello and welcome Welcome to my Channel every Friday will brief release tips board if you do interestingly sign up perhaps graduates for myself something new even if the pilot mistress or master for to draw once at start-up can be take advantage of a trick 2 pen or pencil pasting together by adhesive tape and encircles the pattern so we get and basic line allowance if needed allowance for wider between with masters I twist the paper or
  • 00:30: insert another Headlights master but not to the end of It brings the rod take eyelet fabric the pattern and draw out allowance children I get the same If you need wider make wider 2
  • 01:01: useful advice to a pocket flat and nicely done blank of paperboard and use each just when you need it this item pockets can be most diverse attach it to the product can solve What you'll need also make pocket even help It is on board tissue procurement overlaying maps with start-up of iron in the
  • 01:33: kartonchik romantic can tack to the main part or just in case
  • 02:00: lay here Basting stitch to consolidate allowances and tack to the main part and pave finishing line folds help is simple enough adaptation that can be done by conventional Paper remember grams ears that we are with you made more child so here is a skill you useful now in order to do put slice and help ourselves
  • 02:35: normal tickers Thus, we get even and x beautiful folds
  • 03:00: in order to continue if you long simply put, and over again, you can make counter folds small large sorts repeat all turn out the corners collars and pocket easy to this facilities manufacturing company online you can acquire
  • 03:30: this device in any garment store also at help additional holes we can sew buttons on leg here you I liked this video format and next Friday look again at 4 tips sewing all pleasant all weekend long