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Video subtitles:
  • 00:03: two-color knitting pattern simple Tunisian bars provyazyvaem chain of air loops and then from each air hinges We take out one loop knit inlaid row Now I knit
  • 00:31: dial-up number, and after This change in the thread different color and we close the loop the return of a number of thread different color first provyazyvaem first loop air loop and then close two loops together to the end a number
  • 01:00: now all the loops closed and then knit again simple Tunisian bars white thread We recruit a number of typesetting and so knit to the end Now all loops typesetting series ready and then change again thread
  • 01:31: provyazyvaem first loop air and close the loop further along the two loops so close together all loops back a number that's not closed and further knitting repeated provyazyvaem same most thread loop
  • 02:02: and a number of typesetting loop return series provyazyvaem already thread of a different color so pattern will and repeated here an interesting pattern with diagonal stripes we and to get the wrong side of it also looks interesting here as these strips I hope this tutorial was
  • 02:30: useful to you place huskies write no comments ask questions and also invite visit the page where It is a complete course lessons Tunisian crochet there you will find all symbols and detailed video