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  • 00:05: Tunisian grid We begin to knit this pattern as usual boots from the air loops to recruit This pattern is an odd amount of air loops first loop recruit standard as a simple
  • 00:31: Tunisian column We do next sc skip one loop primary chain of 2 pulling thread skip one sc pull loop sc and miss And so through the loop recruit before the end of our chains We close this series completely standardly
  • 01:00: provyazyvaem one loop, and then everything loops provyazyvaem Now all pairs of 2 petelechki provyazyvaem first row we ready second row start with simple Tunisian column on
  • 01:31: pull thread from the chain consolidation Now this the gap can be seen here by sc formed hole pull out thread from doing sc the chain fixing pull the thread and so We go to the end of the series finish number simple Tunisian column close as typically one
  • 02:02: loop, and then everything pairs here here only pay note that it is necessary closely because nakida He wants to fit in about 3 loop that is, to provyazyvat 2 third row petelechki just start with simple Tunisian column Well, that's because we have
  • 02:30: pattern is a checkerboard okay then we We do sc and now already pulling loop of the chain consolidate and sc from the chain and so until the end of series repeat finish number sc and simple Tunisian style and also standard secure all provyazyvayu all
  • 03:00: eyelet pairs to follow here nakida not cut a 3 loop that's what happens these are the three Lida we It knits seen that pattern rather delicate Now I knit more and several rows I show what happened Well that's what I happened result as you can see Figure pretty
  • 03:30: Such is the delicate unusual mesh Wrong side also looks very cute but she more like a knitting Now as you can see here reads such as to facial hinge on but the front side exactly the unusual at that similar pattern drawing still quite the same volume but it turns out to
  • 04:01: Tunisian crochet This in general is free good It extends to all hand to Tunisian crochet drawing very flexible and general, such pretty lace shemku to this pattern you will find the link under the video on my website