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  • 00:00: which often occurring complaint This varices on the legs yes it is true sore feet swollen These swollen blue well limbs Firstly, we know that It is one of the functions which does not run thyroid she 500 launches function One of the liver of these of these functions the rise of venous blood with the lower limbs pelvic organs to the lungs on enrichment against the laws of gravity the function of the liver in the presence of thyroid hormones glands if the legs veins blue is stagnant venous blood lower extremities is small for small allowing varices
  • 00:31: It called hemorrhoids but that's what it is, one of the functions that do not perform the liver due to the fact what does not work thyroid therefore, the first such tactics it is necessary to thyroid enough iron water and iodine because it is very much is iodine deficiency here so we check nets in young 20-22 evening we iodine mesh well for example on the back of need because a large amount of that it has long been not to enough and as a rule these people are usually very emotional that is very
  • 01:01: experiential because the actual He said on iron and out of this, out of down after 30 minutes after the stress felt on iron completely updated go if we do this it is not iodine and add in the diet supply we do not have the power the fact that the area and comic and products containing iodine we do not have the thyroid gland Generally it goes down but it does not It hurts and it does itself It does not show it the only thing it appears ie emotional These people go to increased emotional background they are very close to all heart takes
  • 01:31: offended so irritated further and vegetatively usually it fatigue weak ie, drowsiness this is not what is vascular dystonia it is called chronic syndrome Fatigue is considered our iron ticket entitles so-called chronic syndrome fatigue Here is how to iodine as the first manifestation usually blocked Now this function and why she and then blocked This problem goes from by the nature so when always load torn inheritance weak body here because the liver It has 500 functions but if you say there is varices means 500
  • 02:01: one of the functions which in general is on investigative how generally, if look at old if the girl is over Daddy's branches if the boys sure my mother on see this thread at their relatives in nearest same the problem here is how but here to help and Again, we have with you the thyroid gland in the It is at the forefront that's usually when such a situation is a very strong and iodine deficiency if we start smear on the skin can burned all the skin because iodine is very
  • 02:31: not much is not enough enough and accordingly it there should be every day besmear oneself minutes almost baths taking because even if the entire back 8-10 hours to cover here watch live this is not evening because it quickly disappears smear again j alcohol alcohol medical 98 interest and we just slept in the skin so such situations when that's one in particular say there is varicose veins we make your j hands I Ditko whether we Jadida if it is presented in pharmacies as
  • 03:01: drugs jodomarin there are a hundred, two hundred, I dressed one-two hundred now from many different companies they have no right lonely is all call but it's all I baby if that is it It is associated rock but here are the checks here pharmacological these drugs are us It is the first Ten of crafts ie drugs something they do not deshego all for 200 rubles and very active forge because demand high so you do the same if in Jadida home here we charge per liter cold water about roasted rack
  • 03:31: there is not filtered that's so important take a tablespoon potato Starch is also carols that's what we're trying if we do Jadida take a potato starch dining spoon without slides without top that is just And so say all Measure out the amount and around here and in cold water and We pour and put on fire and quietly the brew jelly have warmed drove dissolves jelly and brewed here watery he it turns out his cool and in
  • 04:01: chilled and we pesel We begin to pour j because if we hot pudding is you and it is your natural we iodine evaporate so the cooled jelly or j have color starch with iodine yields a stable blue indigo blue So we all tied up this is no longer it evaporates if it turns Jadida but at home conditions and at least we We see what we got that we're doused since in such the situation of this jelly to drink very a lot of we'll need it and acidify
  • 04:32: that is, to sweeten add sugar and juice lemon to taste someone adds two Lemon already there Depending on like who as we pleased because we have it does not It contains none preservatives, and he but quickly disappears the jelly respectively store in the refrigerator he sold the pharmacy It called here iodide same as all done there only added preservative pain vinyl acid so alcohol polyvinyl in general to prolonged use it quite toxic the senator
  • 05:02: large number of we can not accept We use it for external application lubricates the throat Rinse your mouth and if some poisoning there is no dysentery Moment we you too We accept disposable inside large number of all and for a long apply for to nourish thyroid to have the varicose veins left this Run the function in the liver it should be us drink a lot, and here such The situation we drink we have a drink on the floor glass is being only the minimum dose is the minimum dose that here we are again after checking here's a look at the floor cup 3 times a day
  • 05:33: her food that is how he is almost fasting but the last reception last reception needs to be done reception in the region 20 22 again during the work of the thyroid gland there are half a glass somewhere here at this time third reception this iodine thing we conducted experiment We are trying to see what happens when overdose on you blue iodine that is, practically this is taken but almost three-liter jar that's the day we drank and Only too late a relaxing and this is a blue water organism does not take
  • 06:03: more than he needs if there is any overdose is the resets rough saying such diarrhea violet blue Water is such a strong colors excess it resets with overdose here accurately and there are here This dose ie minimum 5 and even more, you can have We have people who very big they need to drink more than half a cup 3 times a day how much food to iodine in starch diluted per liter necessary one tablespoon tablespoon for this is for 1 liter such dosage but we
  • 06:34: usually do more because Peter falls Many models liters 3 and that the bank should refrigerator because that usually drink not just one people kill in the family Well, so much here It is worth it about 45 days in the refrigerator Ports can be like can almost week he did do yourself a vein veins as long as this inside the process hepatic congestion leaves legs sore feet swollen veins very scary to get out
  • 07:04: and we have seen very scary picture Ruby never seen such when two fingers they and so around the legs kicking ie very large size and naturally is symptomatically very hard here, we use of aspirin bandages so they called that there we take the most cheap aspirin aspirin is acetylsalicylic acid again we understand that the blood acid is not enough except with alkalis respectively very much of the alkaline When varicose veins are so this is thrombophlebitis sting stomach diagnostician with the lack of of hydrochloric acid
  • 07:34: lack of chlorine in blood we are here to do in the periphery because before we had gastric acid solar juice acidin-pepsin in Pharmacies now it We dream of all prism 100 so the sooner we could it be dissolved and also apply a bandages on his leg is It worked very well but now as it was no practically we take acetylsalicylic our acid Soviet but it is very cheap in such layouts 12 tablets it there no matter what is dosage 0 5 0 25 or not important because we
  • 08:06: he was not inside accept we take 4 aspirin tablets very bad soluble so we have these pills must pound powder almost it takes dining spoon is placed tablet and tea spoon and ground in poured into a powder glass and poured hot water Count almost 8090 degrees boiling water because other conditions aspirin dissolves We tried in every one in different solutions different things he distributed by except that in this Hot Hot water here's the solution and have let's say on
  • 08:37: Rights of the river itself always 2 yes Poll more than one another smaller but and choose two roll wide usual the bandage can not aseptically Here in this glass Dive in and squeeze so it was wet nose has not and flowed from we fingertips Now this screw wide spiral Now in this way zamatyvaem leg as the stocking that is, to the groin that's We leave for an hour should be something to cover and so not simply to because bin wet if there somewhere betrays you can
  • 09:07: certainly not catch a cold that's every day 1 hour when these procedures but does even a few days have color changes wenn sie wie color and swelling out because phlebitis naturally, too, thrombophlebitis is inflammatory a process that's aspirin as if discharges and reduces inflammation Here is externally until us with you here this Thyroid function is not launched functions liver process as the I do not ask