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As easily and just to grind a knife to shaving sharpness  See details »




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  • 00:00: Hello everyone today video on how you can sharpen a knife Budget process not I use any special machines stone well and the Others do you You may remember and basically sharpening always strongly all loggerheads spend on sandpaper but basically yes Emery and I'm just so sharpening their knives to say once I am very not much to ask
  • 00:30: take it Video as a lesson just a show another option in my performance with sharpening knives I need this bar which I I will be mounted on the paper well and sandpaper starting with 320 and 1000 may well see naturally knife kitchen I have chosen for these objectives and course
  • 01:01: skin on which all I will bring it will strengthen both nazhdachki times when aid adhesive tape Here is such a piece from I turned to sharpener Well, start naturally from 320 to naturally knife will perform that is, it does not cuts mean angle
  • 01:31: grinding degree 20 25 but I have this case 20 degrees at the actually it is very difficult during training hold but experience all comes means that such here translational rights movement left and starts to want I repeat known natural in all places hold the desired city
  • 02:10: Well, on the other hand same
  • 02:31: let's see what It turns me on this stage sharpening after 320 nazhdachki that already enough to zassal from the metal Basically that's what get after 30 you out of here required condition This compliance angle I remind my case It is 20 degrees 20
  • 03:00: degrees with respect to the bar Well try continue for 1000 and on the other hand yes
  • 03:30: degree course hold the same Well, let's after thousands of try what we do, I
  • 04:00: I think that the result speaks for itself that I have not so long tormented by 1000 as the basically reach the result is unlikely you certainly do not have brie undermined heats but weak but as you can see on the blade remaining hair is after 1000
  • 04:34: Well, let's try to finish all this matter and on the skin Such is the self-made doses. her 10 years probably making at haste but I think it means that In principle this it is quite a task cope yes naturally of a you have suffered, I apply a new layer I will not because I do not I think that there is in this meaning let's try and
  • 05:12: on the other hand under the the same angle
  • 05:41: Well, let's try to become dori more aggressive but now we are here kinky refract that is, it is here
  • 06:06: very very cheerful even cheerfully well natural and shaves braid shaves very nothing as you can see I think that using point for kitchen husband
  • 06:30: but none too at least not to show basically could not even choir all thanks to all men on the holiday defender of the day fatherland all while