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  • 00:00: blosna mixmaster company mixmaster is finnish family business started from 1963 company responds amazing quality throughout produced products and this is not it's hard to say spoon or balance passes up to 30 herds manual debugging in addition to excellent quality company nils master constantly brings innovation
  • 00:30: produced by winter spoon and balancer want to single out the main lures from master baubles mepps master boorish together with Finnish athletes anglers farm nils master developed a vertical spoon-bait canvas size range effectively to catch predatory fish on depths from 1 to 10 meters bait equipped chain with tee with influx and rhythm effectively
  • 01:00: proved itself when catching perch and pike perch pike is also often becomes her trophy comes in 6 classical silver coloring fee copper silver lotto silver copper moment brass baubles nils master snapchat vertical spoons snap head has conical shape and by appearance resembles a fry bait equipped special chain and a tee with bright
  • 01:31: fluorescent influx and rhythm at a snatch game of baubles creates motion imitating wounded movement fish and its bright shine and color extremely attract fish and seduces to attack with it is easy and effectively catch pike and pike as well as many other species carnivorous fish classical metal colors of spoon-bait snapchat namely silver brass and copper as in individual coloring and in
  • 02:01: color combinations make this bait special spectacular providing extraordinary interest among predatory fish which attracts metallic flicker dreams in the water bait not climb master dueler them master trailer diamond-shaped vertical winter spoon lures sander I and percussion form elongated rum with rhombic same faces and notches color copper brass bait shallow to 6
  • 02:33: meters and heavy 9 gram at such weight has a decent size that attracts fish from afar successfully applies to passive predator deaf day i posting features are that it is vertical baubles can describe a narrow vertical arc on shallow depths advertising movements plans and leaves slightly to the side falls to the bottom not quickly playing around faces of the winter
  • 03:03: gleam nils master dueler establish one hook tee tee is not attached through small clockwork ring on forearm hooks there are multicolored attracting plastic some droplets anglers fish additional worm slices fish meat and other I bring on the hook baubles ideally polished mix master beyler is perfect balanced vertical baubles
  • 03:33: it is produced only in the territory finnish baubles nils master raptor nils master raster bait with active action fell down after a stroke, she falls in horizontal position is active overturning and sparkling attracting predators bait planning actively plays shaking polished bikes thanks to trihedral elongated form bait enough quickly ducks like this
  • 04:04: that raptor with success can be used on ponds with biscuits or at depths up to five to six meters mix master otter is equipped with a reliable tee with a droplet high quality lure them master 03 vertical baubles norther represents a universal a model that can be used as in summer and in winter period north of them has a very interesting game so for example when fishing in plummet
  • 04:34: balance of this bait plan aside waddling on the side flashing facets for more effective results of fishing manufacturer Recommends apply from animal replanting hook such as small fish or bundle worms in general explain it can be said that it is designed for catching salmon fish and burbot on depth and in reservoirs strong current is produced in one the amount of 100 millimeters weighing 75 gram and three
  • 05:05: silver coloring copper Baton blosna EcoProm spoon eco pro is excellent device for winter fishing these catch baits of the Russian production developed with participation of fishers of the country price I'm a capron on spoon-bait corresponds to an amazing quality of their manufacture and this remains available for consumers want to single out the main ones spoon
  • 05:35: alaskan eco pro in its given a baubles alaska this bait for catching pike perch on current nevertheless she is beautiful showed itself and with perch fishing standing the day character of the game is very similar to the game famous local 3 galley with free falling baubles starts to rotate around your own axis spinning this line and on subsequent pause untwisting line spoon twist recommended
  • 06:06: fasten directly to the line is avoided swivels of glare from faces rotating bait relatively immobility itself spoon-bait makes even extremely passive predator and not forget to do long 60 second pauses when pike hunting be sure use a leash for protection from sharp through the teeth the presence of models of the island powerful color tee having a color a drop makes a bait
  • 06:36: extremely effective sweeps and retention of the a strong quirky predator baubles nirvana eco pro produced under brand oik about baubles nirvana stands out from the ruler branded lures their beautiful non-trivial appearance this model designed as imitation of a small fodder salmon and shaped fish she immediately rushes into eyes thanks to their the original unusual construction and it's nice even easy
  • 07:07: keep in hand stroking polished body spoon-baits and looking beautiful branded engraving on it baubles nirvana is focused on catching active predators of perch perch and pike this during casting bait goes down on the diagonal trajectories like you crumbling with a high frequency at small amplitude of oscillation original ribbed baubles nirvana during movement creates strong noise and
  • 07:38: attracting the cautious predator and provoking him on attack recommended for catching in shallow water bodies with standing water beautiful metal colors of lures nirvana that make a bait flickering in the water literally bewitches underwater predators tandem with hydra acoustic effect which creates the spinner's ribs at the fall even the most passive and Filled predator will show interest and the presence of bait chain and powerful
  • 08:08: colored tee excludes possibility of descents strong and hardy predator baubles varnishes eco pro fisherman with ice-skating skills will be easy to master technique of filing this bait rod she produces lungs planning traffic which allows at times to enlarge we are square active predator at once proves it will be interested in baubles lacquer and grip
  • 08:38: occurs immediately manufacturer equipped the bait an excellent cache his sharp hooks are not rust thanks protective coating black nickel drop the eye decorates the tee being additional factor in attracting Great Predator quality metalworking and statics of design more appropriate jewelry industry carefully polished bait lacquer for a long time will preserve attractive shine and does not fade fishing box for
  • 09:08: summer baubles rhombus ekoprom extended and subtle form which is different people are not at all prevents aggressive greece mantu filei it falls produces vibrational motion deflecting from the longitudinal axis and dive down part cyclically repeating deviation she produces motion resembling trajectory swinging swing although even a weak current reduces the amplitude
  • 09:38: the people got out in flowing reservoirs with a moderate course works great for perch and pike perch especially trouble-free its impact on predators where common prey for they serve as the top melting or fish with similar body structure all is beautifully colored galvanic color method natural metals nickel copper brass which allows to make the right choice of colors According to weather and illumination at pond water tee
  • 10:10: production coated black nickel to which scary rust sharp hook and reliable decorating his droop will serve additional bait for a predator blesna legend eco pro blesna legends is considered universal a luminous scout in its characteristics it is excellent planning increasing the zone rounding boat bait goes away from top point almost horizontally
  • 10:41: sparkling with planes after making swaying movements like wounded mulberry falls under ugu reverse trajectory takes the final vertical elongated position cuneiform body baubles legend is considered ideal for winter fish screaming three standard sizes different weights the spoonbill legend is quite enough for a successful trophy winter fishing less and blown will provide the fisherman perch and big will please
  • 11:11: caught on them Komi and Pike ships should take into account that the work of a baubles I the legend is not calculated on a strong current much better use it on weak or moderate current on any depths as well as in standing water application of small swivel clasps you vangi will make a bait and the legend is more interesting baits legend is issued in very beautiful harmonic metal colors in which solid the spectrum of noble
  • 11:41: metals begins modest copper and brass finishing with gold and silver baubles forward eco pro despite the fact that this bait is very reminds one of neighboring by line spinner ecopro namely a baubles nirvana in her original attractive own animation flat surface and specific lateral bending of which differs baubles forward provided conditions for peculiar planning 2 and with significant
  • 12:11: deviation from vertical axis usually similar to always moving annoying passive predator and bait helps then when y fisherman appears confidence full no biting such situations arise when snow rain swings atmospheric pressure is introduced predators and drowsy the condition is excellent galvanic coating noble non-ferrous metals gold brass silver most responsive preferences predators has a bright plastic caplin 3
  • 12:41: baubles with luck ecoprom close to us good luck and so the company eco pro is intended for active fleshing in the thick water practicality and sensitivity with wiring gives angler's feeling full control over situation title bait is not means its narrow focus on I catch a pike perch on practice repeatedly caught absolutely not bad even trophy specimens pike perch because the
  • 13:11: constructions envisaged small bending on the body ezra spoon-baits and with luck is obtained sparingly aggressive and without unnecessary sharp movements that could scare off or less mobile and in predators, especially long period while it is good keeps in flux water and can even when strong current thanks to the flowing the shape of a lure it's great to fly main fishing place and struggles with the flow headwind
  • 13:41: after touching water bait smoothly immersed before working depth thereby attracting attention was Cases when bite followed through a share seconds after contact lures with palm characteristic difference this spinner from all class is special graphic coverage the upper bound of that allows bait especially good attract predators all overflows their hologram colors as shown
  • 14:11: practice choice similar flowering has a decisive value for orienteering bait in any weather conditions and time of day bait eco pro don the name of the winter series blister ecopro dance or speaks for itself the spoonbuckles in their is unique in reset flakes with rather broad amplitude in a zigzag manner dancing practically without without deviation from vertical shape winter vertical
  • 14:42: the spoon-baiters of the Don fusiform asymmetric on its axis along the body and a little transverse the current really dancer resembles a small the name of a swing spoon-baits are not intense fairly smooth with test tests eco baubles models eco sold sir excellent worked for pike perch perch and pike bait eco pro vandal the spoon-bait you gave it narrow rumble
  • 15:12: vertical with bright pronounced face keel on the front party has aggressive crumbling game insignificant deviations from the center unique feature of vandalism is the fact that blesna is excellent works as fastening the tee a narrow part of the spoon-bait and vice versa baubles universal and perfectly catches any predator and would pike and perch of grayling of zander bait eco pro joker vertical baubles
  • 15:44: eco pro joker has shape of diamond with bright pronounced on both sides aggressive crumbling game bait game is peaking rods sharp reset and no pause less than four seconds bait is very simple in use and result from unique game and you just use of not experienced angler will remain without a catch spoon- bait eco-industry native grass Heavy Boss Killer
  • 16:16: has an interesting geometry constructions which is considered classical and I shifted to the lower part of the center of gravity give a chance successfully apply fast model current and not solid depth at shallow depths standing water baubles also works excellent beautiful metal bait colors bewitching predator their flickering shine large pike perches we shall dip on whether we will pass by attention
  • 16:47: spoonfucked and will necessarily want her attack is reliable tee baubles killers color drop having hooked on a strong predator it is not guaranteed will release as it were did not resist large-blown excellently caught deep pike A smaller model gives the opportunity to catch perch and even where more expensive branded spoon-bait turn out to be useless lures in winter bait the boat is great
  • 17:17: bait lead active game baubles has an oval forms with moderate waving spoon slowly descends into water move bait constantly changing when this direction its movement towards mass production bait will build to is made of thin metal plates source where the spoon-bait serves nickel or brass it is the most basic best and catchy winter baits lucky bite