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  • 00:00: a set of loops on needle aerial loops I show more methods such a set of loops they are used in that if we there is only one at the end of the thread relative
  • 00:31: the simplicity of the methods they have a disadvantage in knitting time drank shift so you can not gain loops on two spoke only one and I do not advise use this for a set method large number of loops but it is useful when you need to dial small amount 1 hinges on the way forefinger
  • 01:04: working thread poddevat forefinger you can hook it counter-clockwise arrow kea can be clockwise direction in this case, we start from the bottom needle under an abandoned loop rented or conversely In this case we start on the other hand the string that have
  • 01:35: us go to forefinger and remove pay note that loops in these cases have have turned out different from 1 We look at one and the other side looking the other and a choice of side method depends on that what we loop we want to follow knit wrong or a second facial dialing method
  • 02:09: stitches on a spoke on a large finger of the left hand and we We can also start counterclockwise arrows the string or clockwise arrow to the string and Here we will be put on needle under the loop which is located on top of a finger or Conversely under the thread that we
  • 02:39: It is at the bottom finger in this case, tabs will also different The following method 3 the fingers of the left hand I apply our thread at high index and and middle fingers ring and little finger stifle thread further we apply our more time on the middle finger thread
  • 03:09: hand turn here thus the average finger and bends nothing further stretched loop and recruit and you can type both the top and movement from the bottom needle allot right forefinger right hand push up fingers We take out of the loop and then the movement of
  • 03:39: clockwise again we do loop in the fingers and then knit this same way we take out fingers of thread and clockwise motion arrow back tightening the noose You can also dial
  • 04:09: Air loop on spoke by means thumb with entanglement for this from the bottom upwards we start the thumb the string and repeat again we start again ispodnizu up and spoke then we start for the thread that It is below then discharged to the right beckons to the right left and a second thread jam through
  • 04:43: loop remove from the eyelet thumb this loop get a little stronger One more method wound around the index finger right hand it's done in this way forefinger beckons for yes thread then up then down like this
  • 05:14: way again We put up and loop We put on the spoke these loops obtained the most durable of all those ways that I already shown set air loops with alternating at first We come down on
  • 05:45: forefinger thread and type loop with index finger tighten her then apply our two times on the big loop finger and type loop with a large finger and pull Then, tighten it, and again on the index finger
  • 06:15: to recruit the index finger Now apply our twice on the thumb loop and type large loop finger and tighten Irina was with you write comments put the huskies subscribe to my youtube style to the email channel sending us sticks not since the beginner's. I grew up
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