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  • 00:21: sex cord can not only carefully arrange the potions edge neat finish knitting with the help of hollow cord and can be
  • 00:31: start knitting because it will see the let's sample see how it can do for To start knitting with hollow cord type on a spoke 3 in a conventional manner loops and I turn knitting move the typed loop on the other end the spokes of the first loop will provyazyvat 2 one facial loops loop knit for front and stenochku second loop knit
  • 01:01: the rear stenochku like this then knit the remaining 2 loop the same person Now outweigh the first three loops with Right spokes on the left Now and again from the first loop knit 2 loops for one front stenochku
  • 01:31: the other for the back stenochku such we will increase but the number of loops Now the remaining 2 loop knit face and again on the right spokes the left outweighs 3 hollow cord loop of the first loop will always knit 2 facial loops one after front stenochku the other for the back stenochku again
  • 02:02: provyazyvaem 2 and the remaining loops stir again the first three loops with Right spokes on the left Thus, we We recruit loop provyazyvaya every time of the first loop hollow cord two loops in this way We recruit the right
  • 02:30: the number of loops if sex cord will be processed edge products such as on the shelves vest then Here are the first three we loop continue to knit hollow cord and scored the loop pattern which It fits all products and if the floor and cord I am no longer needed then simply can provyazat first 2 loops laid cheers together resulting in
  • 03:00: a result of the loop outweigh the left and spoke again knit two loops with it as option and can be continue to knit on hinged hollow cord already patterns the main products we have learned to type loop with the help of a hollow cord learn to knit separate floor and shnurochek edge processing
  • 03:30: products using hollow cord and on the following lessons we you learn process neck and armholes and also by means of a hollow cord at this tutorial finished