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  • 00:20: in this lesson we We introduce you to sex cord This cord can to perform in Knits and his help edge processing
  • 00:30: fasteners round neck and especially as the armhole This way of handling armholes appropriate vests in summer blouses turns very accurate and finished armhole processing Let's see closer here so you can handle clasp equally carefully merge from the inside as well like that processed round neck look like this neat and well here so
  • 01:01: It looks armhole treated floor cord equally front and careful on the reverse side floors cord can be connected separately and also with the help of you can set peaks and finish Knitting can also full cord let gradually master all capabilities use hollow cord first it lead us
  • 01:30: learn to knit separately from products This form can be used as zavyazochki example for children's hats in as a thin and on. that is always when you need a thin lace This cord can Knit is 3 or 4 Hinged we knit it into 3 loops one spoke in the usual manner recruit 3 scored hinge loops 3 and now not I turn knitting
  • 02:00: on the wrong side we move the loop on the other end of the spokes so this Cord can be knit on bayou to the sharp needles ie on the spokes where we were binding socks and mittens and now proceed to knitting will knit facial loops here we knit facial 3 hinges and now again I do not turn knitting to another we move toward loop on the other end
  • 02:31: spoke again we continue to knit facial loops here easy to fit this dream 3 loops tied and move them back on the other end of the spokes and so we we continue knitting 3 and knit loop moved on the other end of the spokes knit cord we need
  • 03:01: length can be knit this cord move loop each time the other end of the spokes and you can knit it also here we are on another Knit 3 loops and Now on the right spokes we will transport loops on left needle here and now again knit them face here
  • 03:30: from this side should be enter the needle like this 3 facial provyazat loop, and again on the right spokes move loop on the left needle and provyazyvaem them again face here and keep work knit 3 loops and outweighed them the right to the left spokes and in this case can be used any spokes that
  • 04:02: you familiar outweighed the loop on the left needle provyazyvaem them again here is a person thin gently shnurochek we when we get associate cord long enough it is necessary to close the loop We do it this manner outweighed hinges Right spokes on the left then knit together
  • 04:30: 2 the first hinge face the resulting loop loop dress to the left and spoke again knit loops 2 with face and in the next lesson we learn hollow handle cord edge products This concludes the lesson on