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  • 00:20: let's see how can be treated with the edge product sex cord jackets vests this cardigan front side personal products row
  • 00:31: we are the first three loops and This hollow loop cable knit face here these three loops, we knit face here so hollow loop cord and tied then knit products in this case Garter often trims knitted in garter viscous at the end Facial series, we do not dovyazali this 3 loops
  • 01:01: loop belong polumuzh my Nuru also now provyazyvaem face and turn work on the wrong side it Wrong product side the first three loops it loop in a hollow cord the beginning of the back a number of us these 3 loops not shoot knit leaving the working thread before operation and then we continue to knit
  • 01:30: product Here we knit in garter viscous that is all loops facial at the end of the back a number we do not dovyazali 3 is the last loop hollow cord loop not my them knit leaving the working thread before work here and turn work on the front side This front side products back first
  • 02:00: three loops is a loop hollow cord we were binding face and so further first a number of facial hinge knit hollow cord face and in the end a number of facial hinge hollow cord, we also knit face in purl row in the beginning and end of the series we hollow cord loop not shoot knit leaving the thread before work result is a Here's a neat the edge so you can handle strap
  • 02:30: to tally at the same time with product processing edge of the floor cord carefully looks both the Garter such as knitting and ny on tanks or even Matt linking call cut that is always can be treated lath floor he cord when the strap performed volumetric pattern suppose we were binding shelf vest at the same time
  • 03:01: strip and the edge straps knit sex and In this case, lead to some types of yarn bar may be strapped relatively shelves this It comes from the that in every second we loop a number of sex cord not shoot knit in order to fix this situation should periodically knit Only hinged forms with the help of partial knitting and to
  • 03:30: partially implemented knitting carefully our example proceed as between loop straps Now they strap loop and basic knitting This hosiery knitting we add one loop here it is in the wrong We have got and a back groove we will rotate knitting around the loop so in the personal series, we knit loops Strap not to dovyazali
  • 04:00: groove here this loop groove and turn Knitting on the wrong side order so that when you turn knitting we did not have holes proceed as follows manner right on the spokes we left outweigh groove loop like this worker thread to a position before work and loop Go back to the groove we right needle unscrewed working thread loop groove
  • 04:30: and now continue knitting hinged forms 3 loop is hollow cord loop we their shooting in Wrong number neprovyazannymi like this so we 2 Hall two extra series Only hinged trims and knitting you equal to Planck the base web
  • 05:00: Now the same the length and number of personal unscrewed loop we just groove provyazyvaem seamy loop and so is the front row the first three loops it hollow cord loop we provyazyvaem their then knit on face Hinged strap it thread waste facial loop knit wrong side purl loop knit knit face strap hinges
  • 05:30: but this loop is Wrong loop we simply groove provyazyvaem underside in a number of personal and go on knitting that's so neat It looks like the edge of the product treated floor cord at this tutorial finished