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  • 00:02: never turn you back to the ocean is a well-known quote among surfers and swimmers and now it might carry new weight according to new research shark encounters are more likely to happen when a person's back is turned although it has been observed by divers and scientists previously a study by the shark Research Institute in Florida showed eighty percent of the sharks that came close to the volunteer subjects pass behind them researchers told volunteers not to move so the Sharks wouldn't have any indication of which direction they were facing but the Sharks seem to know and consistently
  • 00:31: approach from behind Erich Ritter a scientist at the shark Research Institute is quoted as saying they truly do swim up from behind be it that they want to sneak up or that they don't want to be seen it doesn't mean they sneak up in a way of having a vicious thought mainly they are curious but at the same time cautious according to the International shark attack file kept by the Florida Museum of Natural History ad unprovoked shark attacks were reported in 2012