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  • 00:06: garlic has pivet antifungal properties of garlic useful to use inside to get rid of fungus is necessary cook antifungal oil on garlic us will need 230 250 milliliters olive oil 20 points of garlic 30 drops of essential Tea tree oil 15 drops of oil cloves and little child
  • 00:31: announced oil lavender method cooking swing Tolka put garlic garlic in a saucepan pour oil put on a very slow fire and cover and leave to 12:00 This oil is not It should not boil should boil remove from heat and let cool down drain add airtime oil mix Flight bottle tight lid store in refrigerator term Storage 6 weeks
  • 01:01: method for use in one massage tablespoon oil a glass Donati wear socks Soon you will notice the smell of garlic mus snuck behind mouth nothing wrong used for two to four weeks or until result you click on the first link under the video page opens which will be at the bottom links where you can Buy All activities
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