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  • 00:00: the original quilted vest in Bavarian style this figure will warm emphasize sew it it's only a night do very vest form-fitting form corset with single cut straps and cloud them how beautiful neckline in Bavarian national costume of Let the bottom of the decor bulk tape get very beautifully usually such vests in olden days were made of velvet or woolen cloth Well, in our case, possible and experiment Take a thin wall
  • 00:30: on the basis of knitting with beautiful edge this fabric is perfect suitable for cassette product remove only one mark the height of the shelves is about 45 cm on the fabric Noting from the edge yardstick and draw a line tailor our vest We will be based favorite jerseys T-shirts that perfect fit for FIGURE start with backs are putting shoulders and wedge armholes and encircle neck and sides
  • 01:01: cut a pig taking into account allowances for Now the corner joints add up to a shelf the back half and We are putting a cloth to the width fasteners shear We draw out and cut neckline and draw cut off the excess cut shelf
  • 01:32: in two sew shoulder and side seams treat their nadir rocky at the Lego they vest a figure darts on the shelf and on the back add braid on the bottom of the handle armholes and neckline strips of suede
  • 02:02: and make out the zipper That new dress wear it as a possible Corset with simple jeans or can be play with style we put on jewelery a blouse and a wide skirt proven tradition always in fashion Olga nikishicheva Alexander Kursk first channel