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We knit spokes - a set of loops on one spoke  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello dear girls needlewoman and welcome to a lesson from Sasha moon This time we are will learn gain loops knitting So the first way to which I will I talk about ways these are many He dialed a a single spokes and This method is often used for To obtain thin enough at the edge of the knitted paintings how do we you will gain loop to start
  • 00:30: take a thread for Knitting tip to Statement like that and the other the tip of which is from the coil will fix between the ring and forefinger That's how we take the needle and and introduce the tip and on the himself like this then twist again introducing needle tip over and
  • 01:00: remove the thread from the index finger like that again introduce a needle thread the index finger and that's the way ie remove First we are our finger bends index and fingers formed is such a loop We introduce the needle into the loop at the tip yourself and remove from the index finger
  • 01:30: and we continue to set in this way so you can dial any number loops this region we We do not adhere only deal with one thread doing loop on the fingers
  • 02:03: ie are bent finger we form a loop and simply threaded in this loop and needle remove the thread from the index finger
  • 02:30: so we have to the spokes are formed loops with enough thin edge and if you are going knit fabric for whom a necessary but thin edge on straight for example, you will have some fine openwork knit that this as a way to