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  • 00:00: hello today you again Marina Petrushenka I will cook liver pate in multivarka on our recipe subscribers will for cooking pate us need 500 600 g liver I took Beef can take any 1 large carrots weighing 150 grams 1 large onion weight of about 150 is also
  • 00:30: grams 50-70 grams butter 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 1 milk glass furnace we will need to soak for some time and I took the spices black pepper as well as salt liver I washed removed plenochku which was top and will cut it on not very large pieces around here so it will be enough and soak liver milk chopped liver
  • 01:00: fill it with milk and leave for thirty minutes onion 1 large I we shall cut half rings quite satisfying because we all then we will grind with the help of blender carrots will cut into slices bowl Multivarki Pour 2 tablespoons tablespoons vegetable oils here the ship once the onions and carrots close the lid
  • 01:32: Multivarki select mode extinguishing of the product vegetables and press start after 30 minutes vegetables we put out took 30 minutes that's what became our vegetables, they have myagenko peremeshaem add butter in I have here 60 grams you can add 50 to 75 and add the liver harvested from
  • 02:09: milk without milk adding immediately add 1 April teaspoons black
  • 02:40: teaspoon pepper salt when we we interrupt this all with the help of blender we add to taste with need salt and pepper close the lid Again select the mode quenching type of products meat one o'clock press 100 An hour passed hour passed Now that we now we got carefully harvested vegetables and liver and slay it
  • 03:10: all with the help of blender I shift right possible conventional Hand blenders so it is more convenient than you all with a grind Now blender so we have plenty of obtained make it more so soft we add broth than again all is well peremeshaem broth
  • 03:40: added little to no It was much liquid here on this consistency I turned pate Now I had to shift the bank does not take away in fridge for cooling of the said quantity ingredients I get 500 grams Pies Pies was very delicious gentle light it is delicious in cold and the hot but already it try it and we
  • 04:10: I liked the knife I walk the rows licked waiting when you can eat This pate breath again great Thanks for the subscriber this wonderful recipe In fact, when the foundation Optionally you into it You can add finely chopped roasted mushrooms cheese and ham but do everything you most enjoy if you like recipe put huskies subscribe to my subscribe channel In our family channel join the group VKontakte in classmates links to all resources
  • 04:40: You will find in the description below the video Bon Appetit and until we meet again