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How to make an engraving on metal in house conditions with own hands - YouTube  See details »



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  • 00:00: hi to all of this the experience we need salt from the power supply old broken vayfay router and the water tank empty glass or some other the main vessel to he was not metal a liquid remover varnish slightly plaster toothpick Spoon nail scissors spoon on which we will do engraving So the first thing we lacquer layer is applied on the place where we do engraving on
  • 00:30: spoon He struck varnish a little bit dried up and then write an inscription for example someone's name
  • 01:07: will belong this spoon is now the spoon will I was so Now write the name take cover and varnish the remaining part pen varnish spoon
  • 01:48: then cover the one side of the spoon varnish
  • 02:00: also dig and end of the handle lacquer not to day were empty seats then we engraving will very high quality then take two spoons salt and put them topped up with water glass and how to Now stir the salt
  • 02:38: we fully melted take more unit power cut off plug and share two wires and bare the ends wires to be It was for kontachit
  • 03:04: We are now looking we where plus minus plus there is usually where wire goes some this fringing case white stripe means white stripe wire it is plus or minus pure black wire and minus we stuck our spoon that will serve as contact and correctly
  • 03:30: said the role of electrode and so then take positive attach wire it can be a spoon just fingers hold and drop the Spoon the handle saline Here we see how we It begins to occur the reaction water starts thicken
  • 04:00: browning periodically take out a spoon and We look at how we is the process engraved with voltage 9 volts and 1 ampere currents on engraving time I need somewhere about 10 minutes that's 10 minutes have passed
  • 04:30: we have the water became brown and now spoon can be removed engraving process well finished here It is seen that we deep engraving We now obtain wash out a spoon tap and see that We turned in a result of
  • 05:06: then take liquid nail polish remover, and We begin to remove the varnish remove the nail completely that is not on the spoon there was not a drop
  • 05:30: lacquer then wash the spoon under the tap and we already prepared to spoon engraved so here it looks now our spoon now she is I am now on themselves You can repeat This experience at home at this all not Remember to put huskies and subscribe to my channel all while