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  • 00:00: Here you wake up so hand as the doctor we Laith happening we woke up Arise then on the flank are not as clear get up and start to
  • 00:31: deep breath and I could have gone nighttime tilt snips Brickey unless you and after Charging well-behaved feel well it is a very important because here such exercises when a person He is trying to jerk to reach the floor Of course, they often for a man who I decided to live a healthy way of life and this is how so I decided finally in his 50 years to do usually after charging this exercise and people are here and so half a day later
  • 01:01: conducts pulling muscles back when it's well It happens I do now so like this we were there a new word gymnastics gymnastics modest general lumbar like sharp sharp movements
  • 01:31: especially with the inclination morning when the muscles are still not warmed up and they do not This is very useful can lead to aggravation say mouth chondrosis lumbar why it would be better if a morning exercise will more sparing they are no less useful but much safer for example, you can do the same thing exercise you do we do you can tilt make it more simplest version is bend the leg and Now pull the leg so try this it is the same with the other
  • 02:07: leg the same stretch most muscle groups but it is not leads to the fact that lumbar spine can occur when Crick How many years of color 50 52 in fine sportswear true example doctor about what else People need to remember the age when it is not Diodorova often Of course people in
  • 02:38: ages but are remember the rules and agate remember that there were different exercises and some of them are for an elderly person still they are not Best such deep ups which childhood people make such here they are for people in the elderly in which is often knee arthritis joints or arthritis not very useful in then good replacement is not full sit-ups then ie when the amplitude reduced movement for example, you can crouch just before
  • 03:09: half of and those who think that load here not enough can eg squat legs crossed that's how it provides enough power load but at the same amplitude part of the movement not enough to his and injure finally favorite many of our compatriots exercise name two three prihlopa
  • 03:40: pritopa it's when they do Such are the swings give and make horror I covered the entire studio Now someone forced to do so They think they do they are not imposing and well here indeed sharply so very much in fact it is
  • 04:10: good exercise if a young man previously I warmed up and warmed up this exercise certainly bring him only benefit but for a man elderly who with am decided just awake this exercise can lead to muscle damage or ligamentous apparatus and tendon and then better do the same exercise but tilting to one leg and slower mode, that is,
  • 04:43: bend up bend up that is, trying stretches back hip surface bend over to lift only to himself always do exercises and all the rest will be No, we have one more thing here's your hope otherwise one yet but we want so that you had at the actually more residents Studios those who See our there is such a program even when watching there is one such
  • 05:13: friend who in the morning Doctor gets going in refrigerator for a beer because he was yesterday I held a wild night then it is the so But for the very first bad opens refrigerator takes bottle of beer but then he recalls his school works that we should pioneers morning exercises to do and before he drink a bottle of beer Fasting he does so Why am I saying this
  • 05:45: friends do not need it combine in any case because life one and actually not the doctors say that for three years It adds life and life as it well so You have to love yourself and engage in pro charging surely we We showed you few simple exercises but remember that Charging is not heavy physical labor charge it way to make yourself active on all
  • 06:15: rest of the day therefore not neglect charging regularly and make and then your day you will be bright be alert and healthy I hope you can a major issue heading quality life