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Miracle weaving of beads you frivolit and ankars the Master class  See details »

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  • 00:00: Hello my name Ekaterina Y. steppe I am head fiction NGOs and workshop one of the authors of this equipment our main tool for work is in classic silhouette
  • 00:31: and hook it here Shuttle to tatting yet we use crochet hook joining elements together As for those that do not, and it is the so-called thin sliding This polyester yarn nylon sit here such a plan except means of these threads here we will I use me to not have it so-called knitted lurex means the fact that the van map nodes mimic filigree we say that our works made of but the thread perceived not as serious stuff
  • 01:01: so this one metal a glimpse of it in general that we are not very useful as I have said for work need to look not in any coils on shuttle there is an opinion that Wang all means thread special way tighten up at wound this is not the case Conversely thin moving children have the peculiarity that they themselves get enough
  • 01:31: highly twisted and at work it It creates certain difficulty so who gave us from his down on the shuttle is important To rotate the shuttle That's how you do it now! do they hand underlying thread now I I show the principle of stringing beads and Split a small street letters to the element It was understood as a Basically it is done here I have beads and thread here I specifically took thicker to make it all It could clearly see tool for stringing together serve Here is such a
  • 02:01: small piece a copper rod wire in principle it can be any the main thing that she It was enough fine doubled folded shelf It must pass through but with the transfer of beads I'm working So I strung some amount beads I'll be right there you Well it seems without beads one with Peter
  • 02:31: which is the main This element of profit It means like this run our work general assembly tatting It consists of direct and Reverse spritsail node which means weave straight back reef knot sc done and shuttle includes a thread under loop from working I translate thread knot on the right thread so that I have it Here ensued from this thread around here that all this is now this
  • 03:01: loop of the working thread as in many other types of needlework associated with weaving working of enteritis which tie leading sites respectively, the around which tie knots it as if inside it guides is therefore called Now leading back and node nakida making unnecessary and the shuttle passes over thread puppy go under working with thread working thread and something I translate the rear legs knot on the right thread tightens his left
  • 03:31: reverse arm assembly It means to make me you need to go on the shuttle working thread blame bypass shuttle back and forth all the same translating assembly on the desired thread is tightened white booty now I I sang a few nodes If you look at them carefully you will see that these nodes are such as to perekladinka each This years nodes under it perekladinka it It called lock or as the cap assembly classical all so Ivankov That means if I
  • 04:01: made due to wrong and stoennike which I needed now if I pull the leading strand holding last woven nodes node means about stretch through to learn from I get a facial stars element that It called here in This form of semicircle here and if I continue delay the so that at the element I closed the corners for the first time last I receive Items which is called ring Van cassia course necessarily need
  • 04:32: tightening tight It means to full load sucks, you must first pull the thread in weaving direction the last node there is in this direction here as well then be sure to themselves ie clockwise here as we remember, I strung several beads and beads for to show one of the methods weaving with beads it is called beads on a string, and that's this case, the beads strung on them before the beginning of the work I gossip ring but with a few beads
  • 05:02: I will not be their beads I certify placed the loop of working thread and a few beads in I will sledushchy thread, I'll show those peak embodiments which Now you can perform I showed here what options picos beads views element called so viewers possible on the bead working thread bead leading to bead and on that and on the other 3 beads on workers and so on combining different options is baked, you can get already once
  • 05:32: decorated ring immediately at weaving but now we're here who will return and work with which I started and The fact that there write without basis Bead mean here I am I wound they all sit then I'll show you how It flowed first ring you work As I have already set up units Angarsk should walk freely the planet Now that's the time he essential go back to the work for which I
  • 06:03: Drum thread that this work already performed two shuttles here He foretold the nail on Maslov carry exactly such as 1's Two loops is not observed you comets already well rings familiar get a new element appears new element arc where needed I said hook thickness of the hook must be such that it I fell here in this pizza on a pike formed on calcium loop to peak it's just the distance between know Hear saved on
  • 06:34: some distance apart if I Tighten the ring service and make sure the bottom glass form so Now learn this in This peak in the I have a loop I will lead the hook hook it up loop of the working thread then this loop I I must put on left middle finger arms following the hook I insert into a dead end which I connect I pick up this one the time necessary to show I pull loop
  • 07:06: I dress on average finger including treasure take the shuttle and that's how as he goes insert loop on average and a finger loop tightened since regular host now I show you how to actually It turns loop peak where we diverted if I hook the next node with Peta at some distances here it is small it is it can be seen from previous evil and
  • 07:36: Then something back knot I just between nodes formed like the gap which I spoke here further when shame from put the number of nodes time tighten ring I units closer and formed is the same eyelet by which I I will connect elements together when the base is woven I'm ready to pick Beads and Seed Beads for decoration because
  • 08:07: I recall in this case basis with me patina without beads it only learn and a needle for working with beads Number 12's the needle, I I insert the ends of the thread and remaining from weaving these the ends of the thread the needle I I tear my foundation But those beads that here they Inteko in here all our you something that I get it here It will cover for mobile phone so I then cover when doing string here and is such here
  • 08:37: A new hangar whole Job I just today most simple elements of the very foundations of so our technology is not less using these elements you have something You can do in Angarsk do some first steps try and you necessarily all succeed