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Fast simple "Нежный".ПРОСТЕЙШИЙ cake TASTY CAKE!!!  See details »

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  • 00:00: hi want tasty and simple cake stay with me today I share with you quick recipe delicious cake with cream with condensed milk milk and chocolate glaze for the cake we need take the eggs room the temperature is beaten they are all in capacity and add we get confused mixer gradually adding sugar several tricks mass should
  • 00:30: increase in you in volume three times therefore whisk mixer is not less ten minutes of flour with baking powder sift and neat movements from below stir up the flour egg mass take the form from me silicone diameter 26 centimeters spread the dough and bake in the oven at a temperature of 170 degrees 40 minutes the oven door does not open the first half an hour readiness is verified wooden stick
  • 01:01: while the corn cools down prepare the cream boiled condensed milk Milk whisk with softened butter three minutes for glaze melt black chocolate and a little butter microwave ovens chilled corn cut into two from damage grease with cream and cover with the second cake until the cake too grease with cream and pour out crushed walnuts top of the cake is covered
  • 01:34: chocolate glaze and also sprinkle nuts cake turns gentle and it can be almost immediately to the table and that's all minimum costs and time and result excellent subscribe to channel ear culinary if you like do not forget the recipe put like I wish you all pleasant appetite until new meetings so far till