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Tailoring of curtains a master class - pickup for curtains on a curtain tape.  See details »

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  • 00:00: Greetings my dear needlewoman on video channel Irina seven now we Let us examine the principle you tailoring catch on braid This type of pickup them it is desirable to do to us a light fabric well for example in Olka organza that is, those strips of cloth which remain on the height is tulle but of course it is desirable
  • 00:30: not necessarily so in we work today you braid wide 10 centimeters in width this tape so she is going to called puffs here is a picture from it style will be baf build ratio braid with two half as the determine build ratio braid ie take certain number of tape without
  • 01:00: assembly then collect look What turns drawing this case here you have such Measures then disbands then divide the webbing in assembly and no assembly and in this way calculate and factor here
  • 01:30: twice as Putting on size braid it twice obtained a watery picture and when two and a half already seen particularly it's da really puffs Now just before to be a braid Pick-up or tulle or or even a thing that is product best know in advance build ratio
  • 02:00: So I take in Alcoy Valka will double because I cloth enough also in this embodiment, you can do not necessary double fabric and take It can be done single but then will need to This process cuts tissue oblique e.g. inlay will also very nice two times foldable
  • 02:31: because we are here We will make the seam connecting to cut left again the inside and in that wings we have with you will not eyelet basically loops also fits well simply ties the there's this edge pick Up it will not braid will go through an angle
  • 03:01: ie a kind to call ribbon succeed end and start pickup It will be departing to nothing double add up and can be directly literally without ironing it immediately spend before as pave the seam once tails below the edge make it more
  • 03:32: conveniently we turned 26 cm size 26 is enough for 25-30 To then have tie the knot Now we begin to unite ie paving
  • 04:04: do not forget to place in the middle of the fabric here loss An intermediate roughly leave centimeters 5 unbuilt tissue so that later we could turn our pickup on the front side after we you scribbled about and twisted at the front side of our future pickup
  • 04:35: now we need to also pass side where we have Reputation we start zavyazok ie corners and secure it with iron so pass Put the line to it we do not I get out on the face
  • 05:05: we do slips small and so on until the very end ie up to 2 ugolochke so we have to you remain hole that we you do for to unscrew
  • 05:35: within inside weld seam in the pick-up we now have with you grab almost prepared main its is now part of the fabric we need you put some of metochku here
  • 06:06: the case of a needle just stab the place where we start sewn braid Now lay off 26 centimeters, and kill needle on the one hand and other now on the country where we
  • 06:38: the least that can be seen have on the country where we'll press them edge that is on backing obtained impose braid braid impose in such a way so that us funds tape It was inside that is here so we have bends in the same way if we had it sewn to the receptionist whether and put on the level of our mark
  • 07:08: that is where the needle clip and watch it you can sew on the same distance from the edge pick Up on the one hand and another or significant shift side in this case, we get you kind of thingies Here I am somewhere around 0 5 open on the floor centimeters of scribbled
  • 07:39: one country where We semicircle goes by and where the inner seam and On the other hand, we will treshechka width now I measure two to half centimeter paving the lines in three locations ie two edges and 1 herring We set eyelets
  • 08:09: braid to the top to have a you facepiece He showed all that say beauty tape assembly paving the lines as we usually We do so after we with you for scribbled ie our webbing sewn now under the veil need its drape here
  • 08:39: I draped if you need greater size than the you get in full draperies then another part of that comes to that part of the pick-up that goes beyond apartment it can simply some portion is not drape here for example it is here full drapery and here I have in the end draperies are not so
  • 09:09: we add the size of the shelf the length of the pick-up Now you want to link strings and tie them it is necessary in that part of which we go for a party to here these threads are not were visible from the front so that's part of their hide them and not good
  • 09:39: It should also be seen and also to make clear that they have not hung they were not we can see them all We hid it will be the part of which will go behind the curtain in the result, We got here a pick-up here us on the top of the It is so easy
  • 10:10: sborochka ie cat, or it can be on the lower part shift it to someone as a More like ends just grabs tying here We have a wide braid so the ends pick-up is obtained wide usual tying means
  • 10:43: such as cravat it turns zavyazochki and here this zavyazochki you can have that is tied ends Holders wear on any hook or as a button that will have curtains special to pick But in finished form Pick-up is ready