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  • 00:04: foot with ticker it means there 2-sided tickers how convenient that is, which is convenient to you hand to do specifically to grow the ticker you insert regulate themselves measure with a screw It means shoulder thalasso
  • 00:30: Well of course first all for a wide lines or but probably starting with 0 5 to 6 millimeters from the 0 needle and further ie principle can be use one tab you can apply it to such as stitching lining when we otstrachivaem lining enclosing sintepon or batting or any other
  • 01:00: insulation is very comfortable and generally well any parallel means from line does let's try while narrow by line that is on 6 May
  • 01:30: Of course all of these tabs you need to have not always we use but the same kind of fabric still a need to make a very smooth line if it does not at hand not everyone student can do tell it neatly and when a lot of lines or just not good eye
  • 02:00: so well developed You can also raise and use both normal foot This foot is suitable I am looking for a step gui
  • 03:06: he turned rovnenko stitching Of course it is more dense tissue will because the effect is better that there will be tissue operation can and slightly lower It will be very good but here, in principle, not bad but I can say in any case anyway each foot
  • 03:30: each foot have to adjust what plan to watch it is necessary here to these legs look need is here in this a place that is in any the case is you now show Not all hands it will work both should work that is, it can pick up and leave for believe shock that is, in any case, You can make crooked but if you do so
  • 04:05: well that is look at and direct the tissue where you want it there's this place here neatly find Anime little fabric We need to hold the show will be smoother correspondingly more just saying that every scarves need
  • 04:30: prinarovitsya well respectively if you need eg let's try to do just stitching parallel 10
  • 05:01: suppose you wasted one line and now you to pass this tickers on this seam
  • 05:38: here is how How else do bo if applied some chalk is another matter and here without namesili possible one line for the other only once also see Machine moves here river here is not so you need to move It can be a little bit to raise
  • 06:01: the fabric is not hampered just send that is, again, all attention should therefore focus here here I am again what I always say, braking to slow down the tissue that is to she did not go quietly her little need are pulling little fingers pads hold
  • 06:32: so here and any distance which is convenient for you but probably all