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  • 00:00: family resting on Sea I'm here to rest small summer here such openwork sweater and drive a cancer there are often such loops that need to be knit a lot to drink and just one face or wrong thicket front matter I was first in confused how I tried to do make this hook It was my helper with shell and then
  • 00:30: very fast It found comfortable a way as do now show Here are 7 stitches I need to knit to paste together spoke just one stroke and stretch the front is a very therefore difficult to have Here's an option these seven I call parent loops that which are about It fits a subsidiary I take the first loop loop of the parent provyazyvayu front and I throw off daughter
  • 01:01: loop right spokes We return to the left and then the remaining 6 parent, Peter I I cover this subsidiary I am pulled through them 34 5 67 Now get 7 loops provyazyvaem
  • 01:36: Now, along the front I just children I return to the right knitting needle and knitting more pose