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  • 00:00: Hello dear friends lovers felt my name is Alla I want to see today offer you attention a master class by gossamer technology for example tippet It handles any mixture beginner main patience and accuracy we need 50 70 gram wool yar dynablend which consists of
  • 00:32: Merino wool and flax during operation get very interesting surface as the county wool gets different is beautiful show I work I use secret so space we use both Comb tips
  • 01:02: our ambassadors Now we need to this will take or how it in another call
  • 01:33: combed sliver to push as much as possible wider at the same time we We try not to break Now here's the strands which are beautiful tails that they like may be less frightened Now the ship and those
  • 02:17: connect our a tool that It helps to make canvas exactly how uniformly helps close here these here holes push where we have difficulty is like that of Truhanov there when extended wool we try this is now direction hanks was to save
  • 02:49: beautiful striped Palatine So we ended up
  • 03:21: layout of our stole as a result we We got the canvas width 70 and length 2 half now we We can go to Water anything procedure on the advance cooked suds wets constellation We introduce our tippet
  • 03:52: machine for five seconds on each place physical eyes scanning his composition
  • 04:22: look where there dry places them soapy water fill where there some strong big holes We are pushing the hide and seek for this child always mesh gloves batista
  • 04:57: It should only be I remember so that the sweet life
  • 05:28: on edge we have here very light movements without pressure neatly legonechko we finished the regular
  • 06:11: Let's go again painting machine and so we ended up working with the machine Now we need our to turn tippet on the other hand, I do not film does not close I flip I use here is adaptation I wrap sheet my friend friend
  • 06:42: as told through the window obtained and turned again
  • 07:23: Let's go to 10 seconds Now we have finished work with our machine tippet around the edges will have to brush that we need to cut edge of noodles width is not
  • 07:55: greater than 1 centimeter here are Bahram ears we have turned Now we will water Now in this way finished work
  • 08:47: as I said get a very beautiful tracery tippet so today left to become tassels hAPPY Lemons in a very freefall throw 20 times neat holes pretty well
  • 09:23: not to have it We fell such hall my ugly neatly expand pay attention to the edge products so thin thing gently fly cheer. So beautiful holes openwork
  • 09:54: obtained quietly neatly decompose then we obtained level one edge of the sheet
  • 10:32: and the other edge I wet the very light walking movements stroke
  • 11:03: so well, that's all now we bathing here in this we had a beautiful tippet Do not let measurements Our stole from We had a size it is already in the final dry width and 60 length of 2 meters if look at it structure as I promised you that it will beautiful fishnet holes look
  • 11:34: how beautiful lying Leung at the same technique It can be done others stole technology gossamer Now let's say this very beautiful light light tippet that can be worn in summer cold evenings so look like the edge It can be done stole let's say in this on the edge of the wraps creative side
  • 12:05: it does not necessarily mahr such bobble here such here can be that's interesting extra twist nice if Dad We get back in this same technique can be make other Wraps to be laminated silk calling equipment lamination and now so blue beautiful I different
  • 12:37: colors are present Now this is a technique lamination so more you can application on the balance sheet then he will not as that's beautiful and walls same technique our application Dear friends thank you for I hope you attention
  • 13:07: liked my Master Class if you Considered other food webs the fact that in his studio schedule master classes you You can look at site with water you point RU all the best