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Self-made tape saw-2. Design, calculations, partial dismantling.  See details »



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  • 00:12: Hello Dear viewers and subscribers we Andrew are pleased to once again welcome you to Channel hard wood today we anwser the questions the audience will be the second part of the review of bandsaw but first we small Master Class trivial task for bandsaw We will cut foam just foam on
  • 00:30: bandsaw cut it will not be possible it needs to necessarily apply some Thinking in this case is it from that turn the tape painting in reverse side of that is, you top tape twisted linen inside for to prevent zakusyvanie foam sawing
  • 01:12: and so that's a little bit better luck next time small vilyushka but it turned out great This role will not play great band I saw handles any material and Foam it should be noted that hardworking and any another method such thick foam saw off at home
  • 01:30: conditions and not just we assume that band-saw again rescued without sells small Sawmilling foam solved quite successfully and again be note that band-saw She showed their best side so when performing this tasks from the floor It used here is temporary spacer which allowed stabilize cloth tape you noticed that the caliper It had to be removed so he limited
  • 02:01: we need Cutting height quality additional spacer used band MDF now we are Let us so that will result in the saw your work passing state we will show close-up units and also comment We will answer most common audience questions studying comments the first part of the video I He said he could question entered for part of the structure saw but he did not surprising because everyone who
  • 02:30: faced with design have anything weight these issues and you archives 1 is active in as already mentioned of 2 sheets of 12 mm plywood pva glue glued on smooth surface after drying you center are workpiece and milling aid and circle cutter are building being pulley produces pulleys can different ways I lay down the method
  • 03:00: the most accurate faithful and simple fast is manufacturing at help mill and milling compasses necessarily Allow allowance since align with the male the first time possible It will not work, and then You may have to eliminate runout that arise if it's not enough centering next the time of manufacture pulley this tradition end pulley barrel form in this helped me
  • 03:30: Michael, he made this profile Enron He then milled for rounding edges The fact that the cutter the desired profile sometimes find quite difficult in this case, the easiest for you way will any devices attached to the rotation of the disk and grind in place direct cars to give it a squeeze and slightly convex shape can be used chisel can be yes even file at least sand Load paper here
  • 04:01: further challenge will apply a bandage Mouse on you car camera not the right diameter was as material for bondage was used chamber from the garden wheelbarrow taken naruzhny the diameter of the chamber Camera is not circumcised She cuts across along so you Outside cut strip wizard cut the outer well, or outside of you need two such
  • 04:30: cameras and paste Glue them on any capable Crete rubber efficiency how to tell the result running and drinking and here we picked up boards that Andrei to cut you see what we have here is in us that this maple log linen-flax is also key in Michael and Here is the acacia material great I remind you that in the Acacia one and a half times heavier than than oak and is almost two
  • 05:01: fold from oak firmer so you can imagine what efforts are needed in order to cut the some of the log Acacia the more you such a large diameter It is doing very well copes with set by The challenge now, we proceed to that Now this top turn inside window let
  • 05:33: see this hub close because it's just a question of how often asked the audience, and that's let us now see that there the next moment in pulley manufacture this milling under the seat the hub is too using their router Restaurant and circus other way here you can imagine I recommend doing a few more passages and manufactured pulley
  • 06:00: so that he the most densely I sat down on the hub avoid backlash I'd add that Now this method is Perhaps the best thing It could be here to come up with this method excludes necessity remember a bolt in a place It is as if we do not We put so skip there will always be good centered so let us better consider design earrings the basis of this channel u-here welded on the top two bolts they are guide shafts with one side can
  • 06:30: seem that this no inconvenience capabilities adjustment left and right, on the other Simply hand everything is very good done originally no adjustment It needs to go to the axis grooves carved grooves pretty tight and there is no elevator here she goes to this axis upright posture here instead of existing studs It will be installed longer here these spring move back and you will be here be a node the web tension have load shedding this bolt
  • 07:01: crush bottom part of Sergey and cant drive well Now it was the turn collection slide you see its components part of this is proper tire on who holds himself soup and it supporting which fixes it Here I will show profile and the profile itself You can be here see
  • 07:30: seat for here he slips emphasis of wood chipboard any other scrap materials the main thing that provide perpendicularity move caliper Desktop and here you can see two fasteners for the brake calipers here we have this bolt upper mount
  • 08:00: here in compression It is going through contour profile but the bottom is not enough that is pressed against the counter profile you are still here reply part additional screw in addition to the counter profile clamping occurs more and more But in terms of this just provide absolute full the rigidity of this calipers and now let's small technical Tours tell you how It can be done easily relief mechanism loads Now that's drawing
  • 08:31: I will explain it We have the main Working hairpin here the nut which need for tension this is our part design that's earring which is included among two guides this This regiment through this shelf made drilling just stud passes pin one the part has a thread On the other hand it welded tubular part of any bushing what you want on us
  • 09:00: It needs two goals large and one operating spring Now the most important this one is about to knot this tube we insert axis it is desirable to lift was smaller and with two the parties to this axis don 2 disk drives They have a hole in which do not coincide the center that is here he was just eccentric So I showed this h1 and h2 axis more extended outward and it casts
  • 09:30: lever arm in order to turning the lever we These can be rotated drives operating principle mechanisms should be we tighten the screws and pull up the stud and now this stud through the spring poddavlivat up earring Sergey on course as you know set himself upper Sgiach upper wheel so now over from the center to if we turn eccentric 180 degrees it takes position here it is
  • 10:02: about their the axis of rotation it turns out that when the offset 180 degrees we spring lengthens spring time lengthened ie on the effort it creates less than it exactly there is load shedding the only question is how important this eccentricity but should be value misalignment eccentricity a must count that is just so random do not desirable It depends on this value by itself spring from her
  • 10:30: the length and stiffness of the in order to to calculate eccentricity that is, the value in the which we will relieving the burden certainly need push off spring we install working spring we put on tape Pulley continue We produce stretch stretch carry until such time as the Only tape received the original tension do notch after that we pulled the saw even more until until it receives the normal voltage We do a second notch
  • 11:01: here it just will upper and lower discharge limits load but the load reset as I I do not mention therefore fully if we like We intend to 15 millimeters then take 60 or 70 percent of the this personal roughly 10 millimeters of us will enough to let now consider with respect directly to most ticket here this part of it here main work plate that carries the entire load is our earring
  • 11:32: Wolf's it I designated myself Serge fixed pulley we spring is set to heels of Sergey Down here, this stud extended here is welded tube into the tube is inserted and the axis both sides established CDs eccentricity only I forgot mentioning that the turn they will drive his ribs press on here the washer and will
  • 12:00: preloading spring stronger or lowering the disk lower position naturally washer will descend It will take here this situation in my view location most eccentrics lowest point is but also the best This cam can be positioned between here this washer and earring that is, between this here shelf and the washer have you here but here course will already a little bit more complicated and just thought to move the second option here this regiment
  • 12:31: this shelf is hinged attached x intrigue plate we fixed on earrings also on a rotating axis here xn their a sector which It has a long axis and ie short If a quarter of the ellipse we turn Sector counterclockwise arrow 90 degrees Now this plate we occupies almost horizontal position and tension spring decreases it is worth saying a couple words about the general
  • 13:01: principles design bandsaw I will recommend at initially design push off working height surface for me It proved convenient working height matrix about a hundred five hundred and ten centimeter counts ladies items Desktop Located at 100 5 centimeters from here this height lets not work violating evaluation well
  • 13:32: create unity natural that ease of operation further orders design their bandsaw add to the height desktop the desired height you need the height of the cuts Well let slip I have it here 43 centimeter caliper on it turns 370 millimeters to the right hand leave play a few
  • 14:01: more to fit mounting a support system similar method calculated constructive bottom of the drinking and here we We have come to you better than many question the question of the length of the tape I not thought about what length of the tape get in my result as the neighboring Voronezh quite a lot of businesses that fabricated tape on fabric
  • 14:30: order but if you more convenient to buy finished cloth branded that as a of which say way more expensive than custom order of their size you will Of course some difficult to adjust sizes so myself I like to add some recommendations about the length of the selection fabric if you You want it to go to the standard size can be really you you want to buy finished fabric and not a
  • 15:01: that your first self you need to do when cottage calculation ki it consists of next steps first you Calculating length this circle drive on add on twice and add radius desired height propyl plus some more stocks for constructive continue to look example happened at 380 you see what shortly standard fabric and
  • 15:31: to equate it that is the easiest way will play it 20 cutting or size tolerance on how constructive typically tape blade made of improvised which found the engine so find how calculate this band saw rotational speed gearing attitude, etc. always need to build on speed tape cloth well usually makes it value of 700 or 800 meters per minute
  • 16:00: the first action is we divide the 800 meters minute speed movement on canvas circumference Bush length circumference take into meters get how something turns in minute this we will rotation frequency wheel the first since Upper and we further lower we look turnovers engine generally engine makes better equipped than you need so we engine speed divide into speed and wheel and get gearing relation to belt drive
  • 16:30: not a powerful size you will pulleys and main clearly comply with their ratio diameters if you got such transfer of one to three it means that driven pulley you should be three times more than let us lead show example calculating speed The belt adopted by 850 meters minute wheel diameter 40 centimeters in length meter circle twenty-five, we divide the 850 meter twenty five We get much 676 670
  • 17:03: rpm It makes this one a pulley the engine makes 916 rPM 916 We divide by 677 and get 135 is a gear that is, the ratio of if the drive pulley on engine will have a diameter let 10 centimeters is Slave will be diameter 13 leading a pulley on the engine made of multiple layers plywood as well as pulleys resulting in
  • 17:31: movement of the tape but then the number of layers you You can see that it is more in this 60 in the case of boys millimeters you need to find the center this preform Drill holes slightly smaller than the shaft Engine or slightly conical hole pull the key shaft Push this workpiece on the shaft engine and bring
  • 18:00: to its cylindrical any state available ways Next you need to will pick up belt drive for actuation the driven pulley in my case, the choice fell on his smooth belt it was easier to find messing with the formation groove for wedge belt in this case will less here you You can see and the driven pulley on the ears in
  • 18:30: which is contained in action from motor it covered with cameras from lorry I so dear viewers I hope this review It will be useful to you and interesting but it modernization of drinking and It will end at We still upgrading by electrical parts Now switch mechanically and we we will put magnetic switch Well this is how it has always that was lying under the feet will use the buttons to drink I stopped at the lock and respectively work was watchdog
  • 19:01: lock allows turn off the saw automatically when failure stress and Naturally it is a pound security and well this we are We say goodbye to new meetings do not forget subscribe to channel until all until