Zinaida Gorlova

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We knit an openwork circular scarf - snud spokes. Openwork circular knit scarf - LIC spokes.  See details »

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  • 00:00: proceed to write-off to sleep on May 3 gaining 64 millimeters 5 years plus two crowns night loop all I had on the needles June 5 and 6 children begin throw the first row CZK night rations courts face but not I will write a report and a pattern of sixteen Beijing the first of eight children, and even the police time a1 2 4 6
  • 00:31: all 8 continue to do in Cyprus and without following the peak is not passed taken together to fight with the right slope the front stenochku every day next loop a combination of all we need sell four times the first time you need to really do then constantly ki two loops together tilt right second time nokia two loops together inclined right third time
  • 01:01: nokia two loops together if the fight with right slope fourth time Here we report said horizontal pattern then repeat 8 persons and you them 1 2 4 6 all around nokia two loops together with the slope to the right time nokia two loops together with right slope
  • 01:32: 2 start two loops together with an inclination to the right 3 above her two loops together with a slope right the front wall 4 So we said another report and so It will be before the end of the first row the second row of the report was directed to the chrome os front and I start writing pattern report 8 reverse side of the tea party 1 nokia check its the same with courier 2
  • 02:04: 4 6 all 8 further Yashin 8 facial bones a1 2 4 6 all 8 Here we report said horizontal then repeat and so will end up to the second row of alternating 8 purl five eight people
  • 02:34: third row reports cross heading for oil today I start writing pattern report I drink and I'll be waiting as well as the first eight facial 1 2 4 6 all I suppose m further do in Cyprus and will last two wars next five days at the same time with the slope right behind front wall sequence we need to make all
  • 03:04: four times this is the first time nokia two loops together inclined to the right This is the second time nokia vicissitudes place with a slope rights for animals behind the front stenochku This third and final nokia two loops together inclined right past the fourth time So we were told and the port of Novorossiysk on the
  • 03:36: Scholarships and then repeat and so it will be until the end of the third row of the fifth seventh and ninth and 1c during the bond site so neck quarter to six in the eighth and tenth and 12 beach period as well as the second though at the same time in the 12 next July 13 red on the front of the steam-gas and start write a report horizontally ticket location front of the rear wall we are pleased to able nokia
  • 04:08: sequence we need to repeat 4 times this is the first time doors with boys face slope period nokia second time two loops together our police is fighting for children stenochku We do nokia third time and the last time will be just two along the front inclined dilemma eight facial 1 2 4
  • 04:39: 6 8 So we said the report horizontally and sixteen five then repeat two loops together with a slope problem Even the police are doing to combat the loop cues two loops along the front of the rear stenochku for 2 nokia two loops along the front the rear wall nokia is the third combination
  • 05:09: this is the third time we have repeated it and a combination of two loops with tilt for you for the title stenochku nokia fourth last eight facial 1 4 6 8 these are the thoughts another report and so will until the end of January 13 January 14 chrome night you face sale
  • 05:39: and we begin to get a report on the horizontal eight facial 1 2 4 6 walls 8 eight wrong 1 2 nokia for sharing with him 4 6 seedlings
  • 06:10: 8 Here we report said horizontal then repeat and to wait that long, or the day after the meeting of 8 of us and Beijing before the end of January 14 Even during the 14 years of our more 15 thousand 17 and 19, March 2 and now you specify the number of 20 year anniversary as well as 13 thousand while 16 18 Mar. 20 twenty thousand times and 2 4 a gas fraction as well as the fourteenth though 20 years have expressed 10 report the pattern 25 years since the first so Bond
  • 06:42: we are busy right Awards followed us to the desired length of the cut off worker thread leaving forty and fifty centimeters to be able to write it, and nothing sharks chickpeas together take them to the wolves still small on the front side I tied exactly fourteen reports Usov lubricates the wrong side
  • 07:12: kitty on the night side and the forces of the front side grab Federico on one part of our inquiry and shoot a five-year period change Spitsyna Volkova We extend a worker thread then repeat peter river
  • 07:44: on the first part second Peter the river on the left and shoot spice the idea of ​​such for finished housing closed part 5 shoot a TV set left and needles on the needle and divide the skin on one part of the second five-year plan to remove
  • 08:14: needles and thus they completed 2 our year to the end Institute of Higher each other we close and fix it working tails and medical pressure on third testimony and the remaining plastic from the addressees now with Klitschko and reaction
  • 08:50: the second tail and the RFU music mass will be ready hidden and second tail as our review Khatuov here is a shameful scarf we turned