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  • 00:00: Hello so I decided today show a of his trips universal vertebra is very convenient hold in their hands as a Two pencil probe such proring glasses you can call any circuit Well take the example fuse check the work working well, properly It would be removed and ping that we
  • 00:31: We are doing now light and sound indication fuse operational check Transformer is in Call us primary check the secondary this one winding second winding 3 winding 4 March 4
  • 01:03: secondaries that he still capacitors You need to perform well can not verify ping track write on the dress Single LED we can check voltage presence
  • 01:31: network plug inserted into the other ports and check red LED displays voltage let's see what within him crowned one take out a cog
  • 02:06: Sound generator two transistors Here's the way the board is not I see the code production of this card I made in 2001 year and now 13 more that we have within three Battery housing I He pulled out of the ordinary
  • 02:30: polymer water pipe that's roughly the it is easy processed and polished batteries for all this time, neither never have check the normalnenko now it's all one collect batteries insert here a gizmo and it all we throw the middle
  • 03:00: and tighten all everything works fine Hello everyone and thank you for your attention