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  • 00:38: dear Nikolay Nikolaevich Now I'm sorry but I may be incorrectly delivered middle name but it does not less than your 1 comments And why this and why this is to have a shield six crimping
  • 01:00: sleeve if you can compress simple tubular then tip guys tried not collective farms and buy himself bit tools for good Mounting of boards, then some non-standard tasks it will compress the wire of 3 simple tubular tip custom task whether the most common tasks are conventional tool for wiring on a specific account what sort of new
  • 01:30: solutions you applied and what's there nonstandard Well this first respected but Nikolai campaign for you is It was a new decision Warsaw still use tubular I was tipped off they have refused a few years ago they seem to be fulfilled good but normally have
  • 02:00: common over here often Now these isolated they do not end sleeves hold on him fly away from him no good there then with little heat just as it is all then flies off plastic not resistant stay secondly both we know this is the tips for addition that he is not a tinned coated with chrome some such deposition of so slippery
  • 02:30: that is not so good held in a clamp machine if it strongly I even pinch here once I tried to remember so here I clamped I pulled from the wire good at the usual tore his machine without any effort so simply clamped well and I pulled thought, why should I to do with if the time machine Colin is very necessary tighten if with time in one way or otherwise any screw compound released by the
  • 03:00: how much it will burn this machine even very good this quality tubular head and so I started find other ways very sorry of course you anything like not looking Here you are used to outset in their us activities going on the path of least but this resistance your right I decided for myself that blowing spent something longer but at the same time I'll sleep
  • 03:30: when I call my regular customers who invest a lot money to repair your country houses on the flat for my practices nothing I never burn because I already refused by all this for a long time here Perhaps all I can you tell us normally think electrik about their future they are about how quickly collect shield and also available Mykola
  • 04:03: Nikolaevich but about lightning but not used for in it sometime or no I would very much advise do even cancer know when lightning strikes in electricity network it spreads evenly both the zero 0 conductor and on in-phase Of course, you can 0 protect and deaf ground or 0 but vanishing phase
  • 04:32: conductor so way protection and therefore better apply lightning of about where and a lightning protection use