Medical yoga for a sore waist. Exercise for lumbar department.  See details »

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  • 00:00: I am a yoga teacher 9 years you are you a Yoga Center today User 10N etc. I will show exercises which relax lower back then there sacrum and waist you stand comfortably rovnenko socks with legs downward you bend slightly knees lay the handle at the lumbar spine Now in this way so you felt their
  • 00:31: back and start moving the pelvis back back and sacrum pubis forward here is movement is discloses a waist reveals the sacrum when it is back it is important to move that's here now is Here the lower part note knees do not move generally somewhere 10-12 here and there it is not difficult exercise well it should be
  • 01:02: I feel you show how look side Only only lower only part of pelvic bones It moves back and forth yes this is now a completed nomination somewhere 10-12 exercise enough then you lean 30 30 degrees degree bend knees and back You do the same c same exercise the same pelvis forward pelvis back but for a little
  • 01:34: but it is very difficult it is important that you do not it must hurry be the main and mild exercise it is fairly easy an exercise enough to make 6