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Why the apricot does not fructify. (p 1) - YouTube  See details »

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  • 00:03: Hello I respected the will of the garden today I want to tell you about one way as the try to achieve that apricot began fruit do you mean I believe that this a way to help This double cropping and correct formation young plant here Now you see no photos
  • 00:30: formed bush that blooms each spring wear because most all flowers subsequent launches freeze insofar as apricot blooms most first of all little plants that's because likely the flower point they turn not
  • 01:01: fruit here now you can see photos Now it down before not flowering formed brand growth in a lot of shoots but this is Photo means It made after as is done general cropping where here and thus important thing is that's this red designated branches which were cut
  • 01:30: shoots, and from whom the consequences of ask for it's June pruning was done and blue displays branches that went in the growth in the rank and file results of this pruned so it began video just Now this bush see how he It looks after he was circumcised it so it was 22 times pruning made in Last year once
  • 02:00: in early spring when formation was bush and then another was the June summer trimming as if topping and the tips of branches on which further from which steel grow legumes shoots on and which perhaps we in this year to help get Well, that's a significant
  • 02:31: so and so put the tree and the results of this I'll experiment I will tell later go to channel try look that get along with me goodbye good luck