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Cultivation of strawberry. It is less than efforts, it is more than berries.  See details »



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  • 00:00: Hello dear gardeners and friends gardeners have become I welcome all to your garden site we are currently We are in the garden and I want to show you its tubers ye with you today talk about strawberries I was here last year that gryadochki straight literally it has video I smashed it and I planted the strawberries But on the black covering material I ask the question Julia you it
  • 00:30: fertilize Julia there is what you do I you want to say all in all in all plants and I have no garden I make such rules not in the hole and on top then I fall asleep humus it can manure to be anything I cook at once seedbed for planting in our manure humus also strawberries before or I planted I prepare gra gryat I put back all this
  • 01:02: rolls well that is buckwheat ready as they say to meet their It offers strawberries ready for planting and further already practically it can be not to feed it It feels very well I just until you show me a their old plots strawberries what is it and here here's a look attentively Go have a child it even bloomed blossomed and it will have please their
  • 01:32: First berries here Now it's here that I put the past when I was just lucky I bought seeds Strawberries planted they We went up and now it will be four years or a or five years it will have please their berries here on this black one material ask me question there give birth slugs infest ants and slugs
  • 02:02: Ants will not start under a covering material because you represent as there is some whatever the temperature heat in general, even very hot because the black coverlet material it attracts attracts very the heat so I do not I noticed anyone there here here in this just you see in I would like here furrow for what it is if done again I water when the juice or sprinkling simply so here
  • 02:33: here to throw the hose here here here will flowing water and ice will in general that on said singing this vodichku well here because of strawberries on a young strawberries and now we will go with you I have an old divide I show further what will be the strawberry how she would feel Come here on this Here dillian points here if about looking and I take a closer look also is black covering material and strawberries in this
  • 03:04: general age is cheats 3 years can be here This year for the fifth year going for it as it Last we then simply will already break new logging site and the clean but I want to tell you you pay attention look look what good bushes you see how they good colors here even already tied tied berries Now the public feels very very well under a covering material here
  • 03:34: pretty important what that base as a father horn is not there, and snails no slugs or not I know where that someone said that I cricket and mole crickets in I have here on my I'll just happiness I want to open little secret Medvenka cricket very much afraid Kalinovo on chicken litter is very afraid Chicken manure is so maybe it is not visits me well here probably all of
  • 04:04: Strawberry's it Strawberry Well Well we must then see what will harvest and yet I I advise everyone who appears in general that rare but often it is on the weekend come to the country and the He lives there constantly in the summer Still Plant to make our life work Now plant the strawberries on the black coverlet material We put a small gryadochki and collect comfortable and not even deyen slowly feed generally I suggest
  • 04:36: try at least just try try not to be afraid We try and try experiment and Of course you all get well here perhaps all this I finish my I report to you was me whether in his garden garden yet