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The most tasty recipe of carrots on Korean, we prepare together  See details »

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  • 00:11: Hello everyone today we will prepare a carrots for you Korean through to this we need 91 for parking 6 teeth onion garlic 4 tablespoons 100 grams of vinegar
  • 00:32: alley teaspoon black pepper teaspoon curry spoon and the same amount of paprika Well, according to the wishes of seasoning for carrots sugar salt Well, red pepper or the chili one that there is a case for First, we need to rub our carrot before we will use special grater like
  • 01:01: you can see in the video the best thing use carrot thicker so I will be much easier to keep hands and your hands remain intact should also rub the carrot longer who like straws Basically, I want the same I love when Carrots longer
  • 01:30: try to rub carrot more carefully since blade pretty the island and is it possible to very easily hurt his hand especially it concerns girls and women so After you rubbed carrot proceed to preparedness in the alley to take this pan pour to 100 grams of whether
  • 02:02: approximately half glass and leave warm up Meanwhile yet warmed alley We take our bow and cut into small slices as we need to then good fry until golden
  • 02:32: states but we need not onions and she alley so do not worry but if he will burn I have warmed pan pour our bow to it I'm still used red I decided not to pepper use ground red pepper as the it will create a
  • 03:00: burning burning taste while our bow reach Zod golden state, we prepare dressing for this bowl Pour 4 tablespoons tablespoon Vinegar is on a kilo of carrots remember there are and what longer you this sauce more precisely filling the will be richer
  • 03:30: after your carrots as brought vinegar add 3 tablespoons spoons of sugar Well, you can immediately add salt and but the case at the end of the sugar We need to stir up to complete dissolution vinegar This process takes
  • 04:00: enough a long time after our sugar has dissolved add spice to I start sweet paprika and a half teaspoon then curried one-half teaspoon then spoon ground black pepper 1 teaspoon not add too much as it will be It is burning very well can be added
  • 04:30: seasoning carrots Korean all well stir and reserve infuse until our refueling insists back to our onions that for this already become golden all good mix of via a special spoon with holes in us We need the whole onion get it from the pan
  • 05:00: carefully squeezing out his alley and well it is necessary in this case we need only Aliyah onions can use another dish or just throw someone may wish certainly eat here and We leave our valiyu cool for some time while to cool back to carrots now we We need to pick up
  • 05:30: capacious pan in which we will gradually will fill it carrots and each layer will fill crushed garlic which can push using a special Mangler well, or who there it accidentally and there is no finely chopped garlic then chilled Ali pour out our well refills all mix so that the walls do not
  • 06:01: spices and remained We pour it all on our carrots try to pour to any point diluted across pan then be good stir our carrots cover Cover and leave for 20 and 15 minutes and to insist upon
  • 06:32: This principle can be I already use I love when a more We therefore set I leave for an hour and I put in the refrigerator basically that's it try experiment put the Huskies will I am very pleased I know that you at least something helped all Bon Appetit
  • 07:00: Thanks a lot for account the expected can be more something will so prepare to all while meeting [music]