Snowman the hands (a hand-made article from socks) #СНЕГОВИК the HANDS  See details »



Video subtitles:
  • 00:00: snowman their specifically for hands Dete Hello my name Svetlana Ivanov today we will do your snowman hands to do this we You need white socks and beautiful color socks white sock will be torso snowman cut off his Piglet to snowman was I put in a steady nosochek cardboard a circle with a diameter of 4
  • 00:30: half centimeter and fills the body snowman synthetic padding snowman for lunch the upper part can be can tie a thread sew up We envisage her head
  • 01:00: You can also pull the thread or sewn and do small utjazhki from color to us, we do cap snowman and a cap with the lower part a rubber band, we will use for jokes Dress her up in the snowman and do handsome lapel
  • 01:49: on the juicy part little wood we use for caps I decided to make pompons for this I put a small piece syntepon
  • 02:00: sock and sews a can be tied beautiful ribbon
  • 02:31: We do lapel hat and dress on snowman Now he eyes food glue the nose eyes we beady nose lead orange pencil
  • 03:02: thread We will introduce at let's outline eyes pins thread factory under lapel cap We sew first one bead then the second
  • 03:51: We are tying the knot there the fruitful hats with the way we consolidated hat on head
  • 04:05: outline the places where will be sewn button a needle is inserted under the noise and sew buttons
  • 04:57: adhesive glue nose snegovichok
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