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  • 00:03: what Arthouse Arthouse is when the all clear all understood only director and so bun tale art house genre destuffy
  • 00:30: hello unclear Who and where my grandmother scratching Soucek at what wants do next Bun for what we Feeding the emily's there were hello grandpa hello my Melis
  • 01:00: no bun ready Grandma still scratching so she has not even beat oh wait, I'm sorry I thought in my hand Knife clear and that anyone is already considered a goner
  • 01:30: strongly blowing close the door already closed and who are you I'm your neighbor from below I scrape enough if what sussex here the scrubbing grandmother
  • 02:04: folder that you loaf had fun stretched my hands and smeared hands with red paint He escaped laughing so how could he escape if he has no hands and feet and have rolling Well, that we have agreed to than you I have more
  • 02:31: not creak and a little I'm sorry I do about I thought to hands you the ax You know what happened to me It will be if I do not eat Bun Of course you go let me hungry anything not come here again that you gave me advice
  • 03:05: thanks but one Council can not eat let another Scratch on the bottom of the barrel but suffice it to scrape thanks bro and the brother who is hello grandpa I taught back at first Well hello and where grandmother
  • 03:30: I immediately adjacent room the creaking of Soucek that I strongly like You Th doing th I thought, I'm sorry in my hands maracas and my list if you again hello again
  • 04:01: grandfather yet well hello where Grandma, we again back start Now, those hello hello grandpa we We walk along a closed circle around the ball Ball this is the bun then we go on koloboks finally you We understand there is not a whole
  • 04:32: you then who does not understand Who now you understand who I am sure you sending Ruzicka
  • 05:00: director of the setting right because in order to I understand my performance you should always noggin you