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  • 00:02: hello my Dear Irina Bjorn beatbox invites you to the next our series of gears Transmission and summer today we have a very interesting topic threads dedicated to the memory and a disease he a loan that is, when we no memory than humans get older the memory or our brain
  • 00:30: It begins to change and the changes that It begins to occur accumulate first that people forget it phone and then they forget then turn off the gas they forget their address, and in the end it turns into disease which It called al Loan how do you avoid this the disease is a disease arises because the brain does not stimulated brain consists of two and right halves the length of the right arm
  • 01:01: sitting on the left and half a brain left hand on the right half a brain so the more we pay attention to stimulation of the hands and fingers the more we signals to give our head too thing with his legs than more we use our feet different ways the the more we give neural signals the excitation system Of course you brain you can solve crosswords course you
  • 01:30: you can take participate in the transfer of where the answers to questions it is certainly very good game of chess My game of checkers grandfather was a champion sia on vastu cell checkers he lived Debt and life Memory has always been family because he practiced reading books to the end it is very important but today I will tell you about the Chinese system and offer you make a strand very simple exercises for strengthening
  • 02:00: brain and communication between two brain halves right and left, and we start with the fact that we their catch both hands always warm up our pens and about encourage the person pat it upstairs stroke with our hair neck and three times Shake and make and once again
  • 02:33: encourage the person up hair neck and three shake off times and repeat again three times why it is so important back hair face and neck and three times we shake off it is very important because it is on head us collects static electricity positive charge human body as
  • 03:01: ie two dipole positive pole and if negative we walk all day in shoes or boots and sitting at the computer which it is also on the screen lots of static electricity or we are watching TV many hours and do not stand on the ground bare feet have collects positive charge around our heads causing headaches pain pain in the eyes it dry eyes dry nose eyes people
  • 03:32: sneezes dry throat voice It begins to be so husky dry light and dry skin it is because accumulated here this here positive charge for what was remove the need to make very easy to remove her shoes stand a little on the ground and this charge will go to land as grounded you know pipe that held in your home if you do not capabilities throw shoes and to stand on the ground
  • 04:00: You can just come home and two hands hold of the tube which is attached the ground so charge portion leaves leave your this is now fatigue stress headache certainly not very well at least be easier to remember why drink water because when we We drink the water here this charge here which accumulates we in the nasopharynx in throat and stomach it also goes out at
  • 04:30: Of course the best drink we live with you We mentioned in the previous transfer that there is living water and dead water than they differ if living water water the plants they will grow if dead water they these plants die example e.g. dead water is salt water salt water in the ocean and it and why the dead water try to pour flower saltwater he immediately next day will die too a lot of salt and salt there
  • 05:00: blocks, and he did not We will pull and land what you need to pull so the salt water very good for patients who skin diseases when a person skin diseases on skin live very many parasites when we wash ourselves in salt water, these parasites can not exist means so they die bath in the Dead Sea which contains very big the amount of salt more than 15-20 and percent of patients with cutaneous diseases have
  • 05:30: One Dead Sea specifically to just lie down the sea and the more you lie the more you breathe it air the more your skin cleared of parasites this is a very so well and get a glass of water is not salty as normal water but I prefer that you do not drink water from tap because This water flows through the tubes there is very many microbes who sit on the surface of these pipes so it is best or to put powerful
  • 06:00: Filters like standing at my mother is a room from silver filter so the water and there is still such bubbles formed for that mineralized water it was easier very good water This mountain water she It flows down from heaven flows score and then this water It takes all all that I need and that's it that's it distribution Energy is such that when the drinking water it very well It cleans and it is very It promotes good the body gives a lot well my energy
  • 06:31: Dear go further then after you have done three times necessary stimulate our brain how to do it what we spoke previous lesson I you just repeating make a cat's paw and start tapping tapping head cat's paw elite of green paws I call lessons here and so very well as We are rattled rattled the neck rattled face
  • 07:04: when we start commoner reveal the chest cell well say there will not be time fell vocal cords about clean according to your sounds that your sounds the body is very good you can knock on his hands necessarily tap his shoulder and neck necessarily
  • 07:33: then you can make two or three tilt head breath exhale breath slope exhale looked Up inhale exhale inhale exhale tilt looked up breath exhale breath slope exhale looked up and now also the most right-to-left inhale exhale look
  • 08:00: over his right shoulder and eyes like mowed much to the right breath back again exhale distorted left side and back again now we talk with you very, very small things are very it is very important what More feeds our the more the brain our brain is activated brain if we have 5 liters of blood is 20 percent of all blood it is about 1 liter It circulates around the brain so it is
  • 08:30: important as how this Blood is supplied to the brain and she served through the neck so if we Neck wrong directional I want say if you head tilt much forward when you talk to people or vice versa strong it means you are back interrupting himself blood flow that comes to the brain as determine the right position it is very simple you take your index finger on chin and put his chin a little bit down here it is
  • 09:00: your ideal ideal position position to to the blood stream The right approach head pressure so stimulated and that way to pressure decreases low pressure ie increased it stabilizes your memory getting better the concentration would have been better I made a stand up very much less well when he Sit here, too, so here's a little shake head from hand if you tired about computer because it is important to
  • 09:30: to stimulate your brain such simple things and so we did the first part stimulate our which will lead to increase concentration memory and what we we never do it we will not shoot this disease as al a loan Now we are We take a break and then we will return our occupation