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  • 00:14: technologies Olena Bondarenko we had two
  • 02:23: much should what could be more Lenenergo in the amount of 0 Golden Lion for a year
  • 02:33: Russia itself should open countryside
  • 03:01: I then when she
  • 03:34: US $ fleeing from champagne obligatory Alexandrov daughter Elena tell decree the best course of the meeting the best years affect its all the same, I now little but gave a special meaning now! most Gushchin our country this new year, there are two related, there were two in of my life This is the first year when the daughter Pauline was born
  • 04:00: system was born around I swear it was a memorable year I I think course I would like to repeat it all but it has no one and here it is flexible for City lajty flown first well